Mesh deformer: interview with Qarl Fizz

SW: The other one I can’t fault is the way they took over the attachments and added being able to have multiple attachments.

QF: And that’s another case where another Viewer had the option, not done well or not done as well as Linden Lab ended up doing it, and it was a popular feature and they felt they needed to step-in and do it themselves. If I can soapbox a little bit here; they created this new Shared Experience policy to stop these kind of things; they don’t want people doing avatar physics or multiple attachment points on their own. They want you to get permission from the Lab. I think that’s a huge mistake. You know, the Viewer developers are innovative, they can experiment with things that Linden Lab can’t, because they’re chancy – and its a shame that we’re losing that ability … OK, I’ll step down now …

SW: Perhaps we’re going to see it coming into some of the other grids and then picking up the momentum there.

QF: I’m keeping my eye on the other grids. I think that’s a huge possibility … Honestly, what I want is for everyone to move all at once. Because … the other grids I don’t like so much because none of my friends are there, and none of my stuff is there. But if we all got on a ship together, where it sets sail for the new world, that would be fantastic. I guess we need a captain…

Paul Norfolk (audience): So will the mesh deformer work well with people who have purchased their shape (no-mod) from creators who aren’t necessarily the clothing creators?

QF: Yes, the deformer will work fine with shapes that are no-mod. It’ll work with any shape. If your avatar can use the shape, then your clothing will use the shape.

Angie Mornington (audience): but the alpha layer will remain right?

Pre-deformer mesh: you’ll still need any supplied alphas

QF: This will reduce the need for the alpha business, but I don’t think it’ll eliminate it entirely  [from mesh clothing options].

SW: I find the alpha quite useful … I have a rather beautiful corset dress … which before trying to wear something that actually looked like a corset was actually quite tricky, but now you can wear something that really looks quite good.

QF: Oh… there’s another question that people may have: will the deformer work with clothing they’ve already purchased? And the answer is: no. The clothing need to be made with the deformer in mind and with the deformer switches flipped. So mesh clothing that you have right now won’t change. That’s kind of a good thing, right? You don’t want anything to get broken.

Ana Stubbs (audience): Am I right in thinking that this will aggravate problems where designers are not good at getting the “fit” right? Because with the deformer, if the dress hovers an inch out from our boobs, we can’t fix it, right?

QF: It depends what is really going on there. If it is a case that the designer is just bad, then no, it’s not going to fix that problem. But I think a lot of cases where your dress doesn’t fit well right now is because your dress was designed for a different sized avatar, and it will fix those cases; the dress will get a little bit smaller for your shape.

Amadine Abonwood: So the issue we’re going to have is anything designed/made now will be a waste when this deformer is done and live?

SW: I don’t think they’re necessarily going to be a waste; things like the trousers I’m wearing at the moment I wear with an alpha and I’ll hang on to them … I also wear system skirts and I wear prims skirts and I’ll carry on wearing them … if it looks good now I suspect it’ll carry on looking good.

QF: You could make the same argument about sculpties versus mesh, because mesh you can say “It’s going to make all my sculpties worthless”  – and you know, kind-of yes, kind-of no. Your sculpties will still look exactly the same, but there will be better stuff with mesh. And same here; your clothes will still look the same, they’ll still work the way when you bought them; there’ll be better clothes now. The same thing happens with television and cars as well.

SW: Another popular thing that has come out of mesh is hair … will the deformer work with hair?

QF: That’s a great question … I haven’t tried it …

SW: You don’t really wear hair, do you? (laughs)

QF: (Laughs) No… I think it will work. When you get to extremities like that, some problems come up. The example I give is if you had mesh fingernails that extend beyond the fingers and there are a lot of morphs that make the fingers curl, and it won’t do that … so it’s kind-of technical, what will and what won’t work; but I think hair should work. So if you get like a mesh wig of some kind, and you make your head bigger, the wig should get bigger too. Similarly with facial features and stuff. If you get some mesh eyes that have the deformer on and they you dial around with those crazy eyeball sliders, the mesh eyes should move with the avatar eyes. I think there’ll be a lot of possibilities.

TheBlack Box: How did it work out for you to have a fixed budget and a task that keeps getting more and more complicated as you go along in development? are you happy the way all that turned out, or would you try something different on a similar project in the future?

QF: I’m comfortable with the way this project is going because I knew this would happen going in [although] I didn’t know to what extent it would happen, but I was prepared for that. You know, I did a fixed bid, and this happens with fixed bids. What would change in the future, though, is I think I’ll raise my price … but yeah, I’m happy with the way it’s going.

SW: There have been other people who have set-up projects – for example, there were the people trying to raise money for the Kirsten’s Viewer and then there were the tinies with their project, and they raised that money but Kirsten’s didn’t actually happen. I just wondered whether you thought this was actually a good way for people to try to raise funding for a project or whether you think they need to be very careful and very specific?

QF: Well in general I love the whole kickstarter model of things – just in general – because I’ve seen across the board, everywhere in the world, stuff is getting done which wouldn’t otherwise get done. I think there is going to be – if there isn’t already – there’s going to be some blow back when these projects start failing, you know? A bunch of people putting up a bunch of money and then it just goes away; but in general I like it. And I think it works well in our world to. I know Kirsten’s didn’t get the money they were wanting, and that’s a shame. but I think that in the future other things can be done this way … [sound quality issue lost the last part of Qarl’s comments on this]

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    Some really interesting points raised by Qarl here. I have to concur with his comments about the new TPV policy and how it stifles innovation; it can’t do otherwise.
    It’s funny that he should comment that Linden Lab didn’t see Mesh clothing coming because I was having the same discussion with a friend just recently. The Lab’s response has been very much “but why would you want to do that?” and then bury their head in the sand about it. The fact that pretty much every major clothing Designer is offering Rigged Mesh clothing now is surely a pretty bloody strong indication that sorting the Mesh issue is of prime importance, yet their support of Qarl and the Parametric Deformer project seems lukewarm at best.
    I’m still unswayed in my opinion that this is make-or-break for SL.


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