SL9B Mesh Day!

Today is Mesh Day at SL9B. If you have any interest in mesh at all – be it as a builder, a designer a wearer or consumer – there’s a whole lot going on at the SL9B auditorium area for you, with things kicking-off at 11:00am SLT:

  • 11:00 – Builders Brewery will be giving a presentation on Making Mesh
  • 12:00 – Qarl Fizz (formerly Qarl Linden) will be discussing the resident-funded mesh parametric deformer project, designed to make mesh clothing more readily available to different-sized avatars
  • 14:00  – A Panel Discussion with Maxwell Graf (Rustica) Froukje Hoorenbeek (Dutchie), Loz Hyde (Meshworx) and Cain Maven (Maven Homes) will be discussing their mesh creations – and possibly showing some examples of their work!

A Note to SL9B Exhibitors

Do you have an exhibit at SL9B that is all or partially mesh? If so, please let us know today! Drop a comment over at the SL9B Blog, and we’ll try to spotlight your work.

Kazuhiro.Aridian’s amazing mesh Lake Stage at SL9B

3 thoughts on “SL9B Mesh Day!

    1. Not sure what you mean by “odd result”. It points to the open-air auditorium area in the Negen region (Dreamseeker Negen), and worked OK when I used it, so at a bit of a loss.


      1. I was looking at it with the web map function and, frankly, the location doesn’t look like anything special, a crossroads and four blobs, in a region that is full of crossroads and blobs. There are a huge number of crossroads, surrounded by variously coloured blobs, on the map of the SL9B sims. It sure doesn’t look like an auditorium.


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