LL launch SL9B Destination Guide pages

With the new month starting, Linden Lab has launched the SL9B Destination Guide pages. The pages will be used to highlight SL9B celebrations across the grid, and submissions for inclusion are actively being sought.

SL9B Destination Guide extract

If you are running an SL9B event between the 18th and the 24th June 2012, or if you are aware of an SL9B event, you can apply to have the event listed in the Destination Guide – simply make sure you provide all the details and select “SL9B” from the drop-down list of categories.

Dedicated category for SL9B on Destination Guide suggestion form

With thanks to Daniel Voyager for the Plurk.

One thought on “LL launch SL9B Destination Guide pages

  1. Good luck to them, but after my experience with the Destination Guide resulting in a flood of vampires on Nowhereville and then noobs in my park, I’m extremely reluctant to participate in their method of curtation and misfiling and occasionally broken rotation algorithm.



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