The Piano Guys

Nothing to do with Second Life, but for a while now I’ve been raving about Stephen Sharp Nelson and Jon Schmidt, who together form  the core element of “The Piano Guys” – and their work is just amazing. While I’ve linked to them a couple of times in blog pieces here, I’ve not really mentioned them in detail.

They release a piece almost weekly on YouTube, and each one is a musical treasure, stunningly arranged and beautifully filmed.

Some are original compositions, such as Desert Symphony:

Others are cover versions of popular songs:

While some are simply great fun:

For me their best pieces are wonderful fusions, such as last week’s Bourne Vivaldi, bringing together the fast-paced refrain from the Bourne films and (as the name suggests) Vivaldi in a wonderful piece:

Although overall, this stunning combination of One Republic’s Secrets with Beethoven still remains my personal favourite, and one I play daily. The piece is layered emotions and the segue from Secrets to Beethoven’s 5th is inspired:

You can find The Piano Guys on their own channel on YouTube, or at

Listen, enjoy – become a Founder!

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