Parcel encroachment live across the grid

It appears that parcel encroachment is now active across the grid (with thanks to Nalates Urriah).

The feature, which allows objects encroaching on one parcel from another to be returned, has been rolling-out across the grid for a while, and was turned-on last Thursday.

The feature has some guiding parameters to help manage / control the return of objects, which should provide a reasonable level of control, including:

  • For private regions, the feature must be turned on at a per region basis
  • Return is based on an object’s physical shape, not its visible shape, so while an object may appear to encroach on a region boundary, it may not actually be returned orthat it may not appear to encroach, but is still returned. LL currently list the objects most likely to suffer such mismatches as:
    • Trees and grass
    • Sculpt and flexiprims (and, one assumes, mesh)
    • static objects using the llTargetOmega() feature — they appear to be spinning but are not spinning in the physics engine
  • “Estate content” and public works content (Mainland) is protected against return (so, for example, items on a parcel that are owned by an Estate Manager / owner will not be returned)

Phantom and Volume Detect objects will still collide for encroachment. At the time the feature was first documented (January 2011), cross-region encroachment was under development. Whether this is still the case is unclear.

Some of the details as to how the feature works – and how to enable it – may change when the wiki page on the feature is updated.

No blog post / forum post appears to be on the horizon to announce the change. However, those wishing to find out more may want to keep an eye on the wiki page for updates.

6 thoughts on “Parcel encroachment live across the grid

  1. I noticed this this week and had actually been talking to someone about it two nights ago after i returned some sculptie boulders from the back of a waterfall in another region that crept over onto my land.

    Nice to have a confirmation on it!


    1. ROFL – I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned – and then had to read it carefully myself!

      What can I say, other than, “Opsie!” 🙂


  2. “■Return is based on an object’s physical shape, not its physical shape,”
    I don’t understand…


    1. Mae culpa

      Corrected: “return is based on an object’s physical shape, not its visible shape.


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