Received Items beta launch

This slipped in under the radar yesterday – I almost missed it, but for a Reddit post from “Finethanks”: the Received Items Beta Launch.

Considered a part of Direct Delivery (and therefore technically already in beta), the Received Items functionality will actually be used to receive all incoming items reaching your inventory – notecards, snapshots, gifts, even items returned under parcel auto-return – as well as items being delivered via the upcoming Marketplace Direct Delivery system.

The blog post reporting the beta launch reads in full:

Look for Received Item in your inventory (Beta Viewer)

The Received Items Beta launches on Aditi today. Received Items is a new subsection of Inventory where all incoming items, including purchases, gifts, shared, and returned items, will be placed. Received Items is displayed in a separate section of your inventory panel in the Second Life Viewer, making it easier for Residents to see and manage incoming objects.

This Beta is a chance for Residents to try out these new capabilities. It also provides Second Life business owners with advance notice so they can plan for any additional communication or customer support around this upcoming change.  The production deploy is currently planned for mid to late March, so please help to spread the word!

Because Received Items and Direct Delivery will use the new Received Items folder, both systems will launch together.If you would like to try out Received Items, please see the Received Items Beta instructions on the wiki. These instructions include pointers to Knowledge Base articles and ways to provide feedback.

You’ll need the latest SL Beta Viewer for testing, and may want to look at the Knowledge Base page as well. Aditi regions were testing is enabled are:

Additionally, there are a number of “special testing” regions that have been created for specific tests:

To access any of these regions, you’ll most likely need to log-in to Aditi first and then cut & paste he SLurls into your address bar, or use the World Map to reach them.

JIRA reports on the new functionality should be raised under the SVC project and categorised as “inventory”.

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with thanks to “Finethanks” on Reddit.

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  1. Nice all the new functions. But instead of makeing new things. Fix the damn sl3.2 viewer gui and make it right so its suiteable for 24/7 use. sl3.2 is now just fine for very short use.


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