The towering architecture of Kölner Dom

Update August 4th: the region containing the cathedral is no longer available.

Working on Fallingwater put me in mind of some of the truly great builds in Second Life. One of the most famous is perhaps that of Cologne Cathedral / Kölner Dom. Taking up the majority of Koelner Dom (with the arrivals point on neighbouring Virtuelles Kolen), the cathedral is a powerful tour-de-force of what can be achieved in SL with patience, prims and high-quality texturing.

The build is the work of Seminal 3D, and has long been regarded as an example of what can be achieved architecturally within SL. The initial version of the cathedral opened in Second Life in 2007, and had the full support of the Cologne Cathedral Administration team from real life, and drew on the expertise of the Cathedral’s architect, Barbara Schock-Werner.

“Version 2.0” of the build has been underway since approximately late 2007, and I’m actually uncertain as to the overall status of things: there are still “under construction” signs to be found inside the build itself, together with notices outside relating to the renovations, but I’ve been unable to find any more recent news on the project than items dated mid-2011.

Nevertheless, the Cathedral is well worth a visit, particularly if you’re into photography in SL and / or are using a Viewer such as Niran’s or Exodus, which really bring the beauty of the build to the fore when using their enhanced graphics capabilities.

The magnificence of 13,000 well-ordered prims
A beautiful use of textures captures many features of  the original
…which continues inside the build…
…and up to the ornate flying buttresses, seen here from one of the towers

There is sadly little in the way of internal details in the cathedral at present: the nave and transept columns are all present, as are most of the magnificent stained-glass windows, but of alter, seating, etc, there is nothing. It would be nice to see the inclusion of something like the Nave Organ, a 1998 addition to the original, perched high over the nave itself – but with the build apparently pushing the parcel limits, one can understand why such are not currently to be found.

The nave, looking east

Even so, for those that appreciate building and architecture in SL, as well as those who enjoy capturing the sights of SL in photos, Kölner Dom is worth your time for a visit.

From the air

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    PS: I stopped the “Hi-Rez” series before it’s intended 30 count because they were only possible with a certain iteration of the LL viewer, which has now been altered to make such pictures impossible (all hi-res shots now are divided into quadrants with an obvious dividing line down the center horizontally and vertically), as well as lower the clarity of pictures in general, alas. (And don’t even get me started on the hideousness of the Environment/WindLight interface. Oy.)


    1. Magnificent images – I admit to being merely a rank amateur with SL photography; thanks for sharing :).


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