A Kitchen on a prim? now that’s PrimPossible!

A while ago I blogged on Ample Clarity’s remarkable Prim Possible range – and how he has managed to squeeze an incredible series of furniture items into single sculpted prims – notably lounge suites and bedroom furniture.

At the time of my original article, I mentioned Ample was working on a range of kitchens, again using his skills with bending sculpts to his will. The range actually launched in December, but I’ve been so caught-up bouncing around with other bits, it has taken me a while to settle down and give them a good look.

And I have to say that, once again, they are remarkable.

The units current come in left- and right-hand L-shaped galley units (a “straight” galley style is listed as “coming soon” in the store), and stand as another demonstration as to what can be crammed into a single prim in terms of looks and capabilities.

Each unit comprises a series of base and bridge cabinets, with a double refrigerator (or ‘fridge / freezer combo), a sink, a dishwasher and an oven and hob. Pretty standard stuff for a kitchen – and on first looks, little different to other low-prim options. That is until a) you remember these are just a single prim, and b) you touch them.

PrimPossible 1-prim kitchen

A New Kitchen Every Day

Clicking on a unit will bring up a menu which allows you to:

  • Change the colour of the cabinets
  • Change the appearance of the appliances
  • Select from a number of pre-set cabinet / appliance colour styles
  • Change the cabinet finish from matt to shiny
  • Set the tap to running water or turn it off
  • Menu-driven resizing
  • Access controls.

You can even have the kitchen dispense a range of food and beverages, which you can either hold, or put out on display…

So, if you don’t like the default finish to the kitchen, you can remodel with a click. In fact, you can, if you want, have a “new” kitchen every day of the week with a couple of clicks apiece! Pretty amazing from a single prim…!

All change

Some might argue that the units lack detail – there are no handles on the cabinets, for example; the hob is a texture, doors don’t open. Given the fact that the entire kitchen *is* only one prim, such “compromises” are inevitable  – but they hardly detract from the value of the units, particularly when many multi-prim offerings “only” have textures for hobs, etc. What’s more, Ample hasn’t skimped on things, the texture he uses are crisp and detailed.

Crisp appliance textures

I’m actually someone who doesn’t tend to go for kitchens and the like in my homes in SL – but with these units, and Ample’s single-prim dining sets, the temptation is there to add something, if only for display purposes.

Running water – no extra prim!

New Furniture Set

Alongside the kitchen, Ample has also released a new lounge suite for those that wish to have more flexibility in placing their chairs and sofa. The set consists of a sofa and two armchairs, all with a more “traditional” look to them compared to the suites I reviewed in November 2011, and each item comes as a single prim – so 3 prims for the set. The complete set includes over 150 animation between the various seats, and 108 texture / colour combinations – the chairs and sofa are all individually menu-driven.

If I’m brutally honest, some of the textures within the set (to me) suffer some scaling issues – but there are enough options in the set to provide some nice finishes and looks.

Sofa & armchairs set (3 prims), with kitchen behind

Overall, this items – the kitchen especially – should appeal to the prim-conscious who like their homes to have a high level of detail; they expand the PrimPossible range perfectly, and again, the kitchen cleanly demonstrates what can be done with sculpties with time, patience and talent.


  • Permissions (kitchen and sofa+ armchairs): NO COPY /NO MOD / NO XFER
  • Price: kitchen: L$950; sofa+ 2 armchairs: L$950
  • Obtained via PrimPossible in-world, or search “PrimPossible” or “Ample Clarity” on SL Marketplace.

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9 thoughts on “A Kitchen on a prim? now that’s PrimPossible!

  1. You know, Inara, this kitchen reminds me of an old project of IBM in SL (around late 2006 I believe) which they developed for Sears, and where you could touch on several buttons and select different colours/combinations, and have a taste of how a Sears kitchen could look like — and then get a list of part numbers or something if you wish to order it (I believe that was never actually implemented). That “Sears kitchen showroom” took several dozens of prims, probably a few hundreds, and didn’t look as good as Able’s own set — which takes just one prim.

    We definitely have gone a long, long way in the past half-decade 🙂


    1. I don’t recall that IBM / Sears project – but it sounds as if it had more potential than Toyota’s pitching-up and showering everyone with free cars in-world – remember that? :).


    1. I doubt anyone who understands mesh has ever said or thought prims will “go away” as a result of its arrival. LL have always promoted the two as working together & providing different means of content creation.


  2. I just spent the entire weekend shopping for a kitchen for my new SL home, not seeing this blog entry until after purchasing one just this morning.

    Went with a 60-so prim-cost mesh one in the end. Will have to see what I think about having something so primmy on my lot.


  3. After getting my mesh kitchen, and looking at the screenshots of this one.

    I don’t think its competition for the mesh options, its competition to the prim options.

    I see 4 ‘lines’ now for kitchens:
    1.A sculpty one like this. It ‘kills it’ for any prim based option that has its detail in only textures.

    2. A prim based one with drawers and cabinets that open.

    3. A mesh one with ultra-detail that has 3D to -all- elements.

    4. Hybrid Mesh/sculpty that uses sculpty for ‘moving parts.’

    At the high end of all of these are kitchens that can rez pots, knives, oven food, cutting boards, dishes, etc when used, and include animations for all sorts of kitchen activities – all of which could be done for any level of detail above… and in shopping I saw 1-prim kitchens that could rez props, and also highly detailed kitchens that lacked props and even lacked animations…

    (The mesh I bought had no moving parts, but complex animations / rezzing items. And I bought a prim/sculpty fridge to go with it that had actual contents and not just a picture – but was only 3 or 6 prims).


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