Second Sol Regatta readying for Relay for Life

Over the next two weekends the Sail4Life Second Sol Regatta will be taking place as a part of the overall Sail4Life fundraising work for Relay for Life.

Over the course of both weekends some 20 teams of between one and four sailors will race one another using an all-mesh sail boat donated for the regatta by Jacquline Trudeau of Trudeau Yachts. The Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat is a lovely little boat which is fast and manoeuvrable, and should be well-suited to the event (I recently had fun skipping around in one of the demos!).


The first round of qualifying races will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June, over a range of courses as follows:

  • Friday June 14 12:30 SLT: Nantucket Yacht Club-SL, Atlantic raceline  Race Directors: Jean Quartz, Gemma Vuckovic
  • Saturday June 15 09:00: North Sea/ EYBC, Breadnut raceline.  Race Director: LlDewell Hawker
  • Saturday June 15 12:00: Triumphal Yacht Club, Faragut raceline.  Race Director: SerenityAeon
  • Saturday June 15 15:00: Danshire Yacht Club, Queequeg raceline.  Race Director: Hay Ah
  • Saturday June 15 18:00: Fishers Island Yacht Club, Plum Gut raceline.  Race Director: Jane Fossett.

There will be further heats on Saturday June 22nd, with the top crews from the various heats then competing in the finals on Sunday June 23rd, after which there will be an award ceremony and closing party.

Full details of the courses and participating crews can be found in the SL Sailing Forum. spectators are welcome, but are asked to keep clear of the race routes (see the maps on the forum thread), and not to touch the boats participating in the races. There are viewing areas at the various yacht clubs supporting the event, such as at the Danshire Yacht Club quayside as well as the other participating yacht clubs, and spectators will be able to donate to RFL.

TheDanshire Yacht Club quayside – one of the places where the regatta can be seen – check the SL Sailing Forum for heat times

Those interested in trying-out the Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat can do so by availing themselves of a timed demo version which can be obtained from the following two locations: The Trudeau Yacht Yard, and the dock at Danshire Yacht Club in Knaptrackicon.

About Sail4Life and the Second Sol Regatta

Sail4Life has always been a strong supporter of Relay for Life, and in 2012, it raised L$2.34 million through a series of events held across the RFL of SL season, including regattas, races, auctions and other events, as well as a strong presence at the RFL of SL weekend. The Second Sol Regatta 2013 promises to present another great page in the history of the SL sailing community’s support for RFL.

Trying-out the
Trying-out the Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat

The Second Sol Regatta is co-sponsored by more than eight Yacht Clubs and Sailing Groups grid-wide, and it’s dedicated to the memory of Francois Jacques. Second Sol will be Fran’s regatta, and it will support Sail4Life, the charity she loved and tirelessly supported for nearly a decade.

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2 thoughts on “Second Sol Regatta readying for Relay for Life

  1. The new Patchogue is one sweet boat… the detail is amazing, I got mine on Friday. Jacqui has done a great job with it, and she says the production model will be even better.
    I am not the most experienced racer, but I am really looking forward to competing with this boat.


    1. I loved sailing the demo; looking forward to adding a production model to my collection. Am definitely going to need a coastal place to satisfy my air / water cravings soon!

      The regatta sounds fun love the fact that the sailboat allows members of the crew control different aspects of the boat :). Good luck racing!


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