Exodus: passing the torch

exodus-4Recent updates to the Exodus viewer have been a little slow in some respects. This is in part hardly surprising – at least one member of the team (Geenz Spad) has been up to his eyeballs in working on the materials processing project. However, other factors – such as real life commitments  – have meant that other members of the team have also been unable to focus on the viewer perhaps as much as they would have liked.

As a result of this, both Clix Diesel and Ayamo Nozaki have decided to step aside from lead roles in the project and pass the torch on to others – with Katharine Berry taking over ownership of the project and the role of lead developer. Clix himself made the announcement in an Exodus blog post on Sunday April 21st, which reads:

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while since an update but we have some important news to share with you.

I would like to announce Katharine Berry as the new lead developer and owner of the Exodus viewer project!

Exodus has been a passion of Ayamo and myself for just shy of two years now and we have enjoyed leading the project immensely. Originally we built Exodus as a viewer to compliment various Second Life combat scenarios, Exodus has since catered for a wide variety of user and continues to provide a the best viewer experience we possibly can thanks to the skill and dedication of my team. This will never change. Recently we have not been able to focus on viewer development as much as we would like. Ayamo Nozaki will be leaving as our lead developer and passing the torch to Katharine Berry. Katharine is also the ideal candidate to hand ownership of the project, as Ayamo and I cannot spare the time to do so any longer.

Thank you everyone, from Ayamo and me, it’s been a blast!

Exodus remains one of the three viewers I most frequently use, depending upon what I’m doing in-world, so I look forward to seeing what this hand-over brings; I also wish Clix and Ayamo the best for their future endeavours, in-world and elsewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Exodus: passing the torch

  1. I’d given Exodus a try in the past,way before I settled on Firestorm; it’s a good viewer and I wish the team the best.


  2. I would love to see this change result not only in swifter release times, but also in a move away from the heavy combat focus. I love Exodus, but some features are kept out because they might give combatants an unfair advantage and the slow updates have meant that some bugs lingered longer than needed. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the change.


  3. Now that Exodus is in the hands of wonder girl Katharine, I’m pretty sure it has a bright future ahead!

    Thanks to all the team that brought Exodus to life — and, incidentally, materials processing — and I applaud the decision of continuing with the project under new “management”. I trust Katharine to do wonders to delight us all 🙂 It should be interesting to see what happens.


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