2023 RFL of SL Fantasy Faire and SL living Applications

via the SL Living Expo website. Click to go to the ACS donations page

The American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay for Life Second Life (RFL of SL) campaign for 2023 is ramping up in preparation for two mega events: Fantasy Faire 2023 and SL Living Expo 2023

As per the banner above, SL Living Expo is a new signature event for RFL of SL, taking over from the Home and Garden Expo. It will offer a new opportunities for creators, performers and artists whilst introducing the worlds of Second Life aviation and nautical activities to the rich mix of homes and gardens which have formed the backbone of the Home and Garden Expo.

The event will open its doors on Friday, March 3rd, 2023 and run through until Sunday, March 12th, 2023, and right now the organisers are looking for applications in the following areas:

Participants and Sponsors: SL Living Expo is a great way for your store, community or group to showcase their talents and connect with thousands of people.  For creators, stores, communities and groups, booths start at just L$ 1,000 for an 8m x 8m unit and 100 LI, and run through to L$10,000 for 32m x 32m and 700 LI. All booths must provide at least one vendor with 100% of proceeds being donated to ACS / RFL of SL.

Those wishing to raise their visibility further / offer greater support for RFL of SL / ACS can do so by becoming a Landing Hub sponsor (L$ 20,000) or Event Region sponsor (L$ 5,000 – although both have limited availability.

  • Full details on participant packages can be found here.
  • Full details on available sponsor packages can be found here.
  • All applicants for participant or sponsorship packages should also read the Expo Participant Rules.

Regions at SL Living Expo will all be themed, with a total of five themes:

  • Seaside – with vibes of a New England seaside village, this region has a mix of land and sea, perfect for maritime, beach and water-loving folk.
  • Countryside – for laid back and easy living, our Countryside region is great for equestrian and farming communities.
  • Fairgrounds – for community, family and fun-loving groups, the fairgrounds region will feature rides and games to keep folk attendees entertained.
  • City Life – put put the pedal to the metal on the paved streets and watch the tall buildings and busy city life will provide lots of entertainment.
  • Mountainside – take to the air and fly through the mountains as they overlook rest of the region.

Performers: Entertainment has also been an important element of RFL of SL It helps to both attract visitors and helps raise donations. The SL Living Expo is looking for DJs, live performers, group performers (dance troupes, etc.), game show/trivia organisers, speakers/presenters/class leaders, and more.

Artwalk: SL Living Expo provides a chance for artists across the grid to share with us their talent and creative minds.  Successful applicants will be given two stands to display and sell their work. One piece of art must be placed in an ACS vendor with 100% of proceeds of sales donated to ACS / RFL of SL, while the other can be used for personal sales.

Further general information can be found at the SL Living Expo.

Fantasy Faire 2022 banner

Fantasy Faire

The largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, Fantasy Faire 2023, will run from Thursday, April 20th, 2023 through until Sunday, May 7th, 2023 inclusive. As usual, there will be the expected rich mix of events, activities, stores and regions to explore.

However, in a change to past events, Fantasy Faire will focus on entertainment events and performances across the three weekends it spans, with the weeks in between left more for exploring and shopping. Hopefully, this will offer a packed programme throughout the weekends to accommodate visitors from around the globe and keep them entertained.

In particular, the Faire is seeking dancers, actors, music & magic makers. If you are interested, then drop by the Fantasy Faire Performance Application form before Sunday, February 26th, 2023, when applications will close.

For updates and news on Fantasy Faire, be sure to keep an eye on the Fantasy Faire website.


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