An artistic Pas de Deux in Second Life

Galerie L’autre Monde: Hermes Kondor – Pas de Deux

The pas de deux (“step for two”) is a dance for two people, generally male and female and most readily identified as a core element within a ballet performance.

Starting with the entrance (entrée), which is both the prelude to and opening of, the dance, the classic grand pas de deux comprises five parts. Once the principals have positioned themselves and the dance commences, so comes the adagio (or adage – “slowly”), in which the ballerina performs elegant, often slow and sustained movements, as she is supported by the danseur; he in turn strives to maintain poise and an effortless strength through lifts and turns whilst also being a graceful “mobile barre” helping her through the intricacies of her steps.

From the unity of the adagio, the dancers separate to perform their variations; dancing independently and perhaps almost competitively to one another, the danseur first, with the ballerina responding to him. Then comes their reunion within the coda (tail), playing back elements of the dance seen in the previous elements of the dance whilst building towards the final musical climax.

Galerie L’autre Monde: Hermes Kondor – Pas de Deux

With a ballet, the grand pas de deux is considered the highlight, performed by the principal dancers to great acclaim. For Hermes Kondor, the pas de deux is the focus of a new exhibition of his digital art, available for viewing at Galerie L’autre Monde, curated by Lady Anais (Anais Yuhara), at The Uzine.

Assuming it is not re-dressed for each exhibition – this was my first visit to Galerie L’autre Monde (“another world”), so I admit I’m unsure as to whether or not the setting was specifically designed for Hermes’ exhibition – the gallery itself is quite remarkable. It takes the form of what appears to be a series of bombed-out (or partially demolished) structures surrounded by trees and caught under a twilight sky, it presents a most unique backdrop for the exhibition, encouraging visitors to wander around and through broken buildings and deserted remnants to find what may be mounted on walls and within sheltered corners, hidden until onw comes upon them.

Galerie L’autre Monde: Hermes Kondor – Pas de Deux

Pas De Deux is another series by Hermes in which he utilises a combination of Midjourney AI and Photoshop o produce a series of digital images. I recently noted my personal reservations around how those behind the programme have a cavalier attitude towards matters of copyright – something we should all be aware of; but Hermes offers us another sterling demonstration of what can be produced as genuinely original art when care is applied, and which have a depth and richness which as a unique as anything produced completely by hand.

Appearing to have been etched into burnished metal plates, these are truly gorgeous pieces, partially atonal in terms of their use of black and white. Each comprises two figures caught in a moment of motion and passion. The fluidity and richness of their interplay of steps and moves is beautifully presented through the use of white upon their darkened, etched forms, a whiteness which also evokes spotlights against the darken backdrop of their stage and further enhances their fluidity as it is reflected liquid-like across the floor beneath their feet.

Galerie L’autre Monde: Hermes Kondor – Pas de Deux

This richness of motion is further emphasised with the bright colours of fire burning their way through each piece, a blazing trail of illumination tracing the motion of arm, leg or body, or billowing in a rising flame, visually underscoring the passion and life within the dance, and the heat and passion doubtless felt by the dancers, if not towards one another, but almost certainly between each of them and their craft. In this, I found some of the images evocative not just of ballet, abut also of the raw heat of the flamenco.

Beautifully conceived and executed, Pas de Deux is a glorious collection of digital images from a master in his craft.

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One thought on “An artistic Pas de Deux in Second Life

  1. I too was delighted both by the gallery itself and the exhibit. I didn’t know what to expect but an exhibit called Pas de Deux will always draw me since I am an aficionada of ballet in both worlds. At once I thought this reminds me of Midjourney images although I didn’t find the poster saying they were, albeit enhanced with PS, until almost at the end. Even though my collection gallery is full, I had to buy one but it was really, really hard to choose. A splendid exhibit indeed.


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