The caves and caverns of Rosehaven in Second Life

Clair View Ruins and caves, The Realm of Rosehaven, September 2022 – click any image for full size

The Realm of Rosehaven  (operated by SelenaAnansi and Serra Anansi) is one of the oldest fantasy / medieval themed residential and role-play communities in Second Life. Totalling 15 regions, it offers a rich mix of private and public spaces, it is a place with much to see and discover; a place that can be called home by those with a focus on fantasy.

We offer you a place to hang your hat, rest your feet, and let the stress of the outside world fade away in a fantasy British Isles styled setting.  Architecture and themes are inspired by fairy tales, lore, myths, and possibly your dreams.  Medieval and fantasy clothing is welcomed and encouraged; however, there is no set dress code.
Rosehaven is a land of magic and dreams – the living embodiment of imagination and creativity, where humans, elves, fae, shapeshifters, and other creatures can peacefully coexist among the mist-covered lands.

– From the Realm of Rosehaven website

Clair View Ruins and caves, The Realm of Rosehaven, September 2022

I was drawn to the estate after learning about the extensive network of caves, caverns, tunnels and places of mystery and magic which offer the Second Life explorer much to see and – well, explore.

This is a network with many points of entry (and exit!), which exists underground, under the sea and in the air, the various elements linked by an experience which allows for relatively seamless teleport movement between locales. Given the multiple points of entry, how and where a traveller may come by the system is a part of the fun of discovery; it might be a case of noticing a shadowed archway between houses and then walking through it, or finding a ladder leading down into the bowels of the earth from the basement of a public building, or even the ornate doors at the foot of a cliff which open at the touch of a hand rather than the utterance of “Mellon!

Clair View Ruins and caves, The Realm of Rosehaven

For the purposes of my explorations, I opted to go the easy way – via the entrance below the Temple of the Oracle at Clair View Ruins (designed by designed by Snow Kelley). Step through the stained glass of the portal, and your voyage begins at the Cavern of Inner Wisdom; pay attention to local chat for a clue on how to proceed – but before you do move onwards, take the time to explore the halls built within the cavern. And when you are ready to travel onwards, don’t be fooled when confronted by an apparent blank face of rock after following the Cavern’s whispered instructions.

Beyond this first cavern lies an underground fortification, a place of hewn and shaped stone walls, where broad stairways of wood and stone connect different levels and long halls and shadowed arches hint at further destinations. Designed and built by Talus Ravenheart, it sits as a kind of hub with multiple opportunities of onwards exploration. But again, before stepping through any of the archways, take a moment to explore the passages also offered, because again there are places here to be discovered: catacombs with the memory of one passed, a broken wall leading to natural caves beyond which in turn lead to further secrets and spaces awaiting discovery.

Clair View Ruins and caves, The Realm of Rosehaven, September 2022

Such is the nature of this “hub” (for want of a better term), that describing what might come next is impossible, thanks to the multiplicity of options for onward travel available. And even if there were a proscribed route, providing a blow-by blow description of what might be found would spoil the experience of exploring the cave and caverns for yourself. Suffice it to say that as you select arches and routes and shaded tunnels, so might you find yourself in the abode of a practitioner of magic or the hideaway of pirates or tunnels adorned with crystals, leading the way to elven halls – or more besides; each one designed by one or more of the residents of Rosehaven, and thus given an individual flavour.

Along the way it is possible to come across interactive elements in various places and rooms as well – so should you find yourself in, say, a cellar where grapes are pressed into wine (to name but one) – be sure to mouse-over anything that looks like it might not actually fit with the rest of the room / cavern. Also, given that any route might lead you to an alley or dungeon or gateway or stairs leading to the world beyond the caves, the tunnels offer a unique means for discovering and exploring public spaces within the broader Realm; just remember that teleports into the network may not always be a portal or hidden in shadow; some might lie behind an innocent-looking door…

Clair View Ruins and caves, The Realm of Rosehaven, September 2022

Whether used for exploration or for role-lay, the caves of Rosehaven add a further dimension to this engaging community, and are more than worth a visit.

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