A Lavender Bay in Second Life

Lavender Bay, September 2022 – click any image for full size

Shawn Shakespeare recently pointed me towards Lavender Bay, a Homestead region designed by Clifton Howlett, working with Camilla Lupono.

Cliff is formerly one of the creative hands that brought us the likes of Hidden Lake (more here), Hidden Bottle (which I wrote about here and here)  and the celebrations of the Zamonia series of books by German comic creator and author, Walter Moers, The Empire of Dreaming Books (see here and here for more). Given this heritage, I was keen to see what might be found at Lavender Bay.

Lavender Bay, September 2022

Perhaps the easiest way to convey the setting is is quote from the About Land description / introductory note card available at the Lavender Bay Landing Point:

Welcome to Lavender Bay.
A SIM inspired by the Italian Tuscany. Make yourself at home and find your new favourite photo spot.

– From the introductory note card for Lavender Bay

Lavender Bay, September 2022

From this, it’s easy to guess that Lavender Bay is a place that is easy on the eye and engaging to the camera lens.

Located on the west side of the region on a small sandy headland, the landing point provides a keen senses of the region’s core theme – as a place of relaxation : several places to sit and takes things easy lay within in a few short paces away. Also close by is a boardwalk that climbs over the rocky south extent of the the headland and the bridge spanning a narrow gorge separating the headland from the rest of the region.

Lavender Bay, September 2022

The main part of the region offers exactly what its name suggests: a richness of lavender;  some of which is being cultivated within a large field rolling away from a hilltop farm villa, some of which is growing wild lavender which climbs the remaining hills of the island, mixing its colours with wild flowers.

The easiest way to explore the region is to take the track that winds up to the villa from the bridge, and the path running down the hill from the villa, paralleling the lavender field before climbing the hill to the ruins of what might have once been the original farmhouse, from whence an old, broken cobbled path climbs the tallest hill on the island to the local windmill.

Lavender Bay, September 2022

Throughout all of this there is much to see, all of which is easy on the eye and presents multiple places to sit, relax and appreciate the region’s natural looks and beauty – and one or two places that offer the more unusual ways to sit (keep an eye out for the wooden chair being held aloft just off the coast by a single balloon.

Finished with a subtle soundscape, Lavender Bay is another place that requires little in the way of description and it speaks loudly for itself – so do be sure to hop over and appreciate it first-hand.

Lavender Bay, September 2022

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