A Rain-Washed Soul in Second Life

Rain-Washed Soul, July 2022 – click any image for full size
Rain-Washed Soul is an immersive sound environment nestled into nature, complete with guided meditations, Tibetan singing bowls, and of course the soothing sounds of rain and thunder. Have a cup of tea, meditate, relax and be one with your surroundings while listening to the healing and renewing sounds of rain and thunder.

So states the Destination Guide entry for this little setting, a part of The Nature Collective, designed by Emm (Emmalee Evergarden), and it was more than enough to guide me to Rain-Washed Soul.

Rain-Washed Soul, July 2022

Located on the northern arc of Heterocera, and tucked between Route 6 and the railway (with access directly off of Route 6), this is a parcel-based setting intended – as the description above suggests – to create a little haven of peace and retreat for those who need it.

The landing point for the locations sits on a covered boardwalk that effectively links the two halves to the setting, which overall has an east-west orientation.

Rain-Washed Soul, July 2022

To the west, surrounded by trees and with its back to the neighbouring parcel (reached through a gate in the fence), is an A-frame retreat, reached via a walk through a light tropical shower. It offers a place of meditation for individuals or groups, with a cosy little shelter for two close by. This is a place rich in local sounds, and visitors are encouraged to turn up in-world sounds and try the local bells, etc., to appreciate the local soundscape.

At the eastern end of the boardwalk the land is a little more open, with a stone terrace with a little information kiosk, together with places to sit, waterfalls, and a further immersive soundscape, with everything watched over by the local wildlife.

Rain-Washed Soul, July 2022

As with all locations connected to The Nature Collective, Rain-Washed Soul is participating in TNC’s summer hunt (July 18th through 21st, 2022) – details available from the signs within the setting.

A simple, charming little place to visit, with plenty of opportunities to recharge the batteries and forget worries!

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