2022 SUG meetings week #18 summary

Bamboo, March 2022 – blog post

The following summary notes were taken from the Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 Simulator User Group (SUG) meeting. It forms a summary of the items discussed and is not intended to be a full transcript. A video of the entire meeting is embedded at the end of the article for those wishing to review the meeting in full – my thanks to Pantera for recording it.

Server Deployments

Please refer to the server deployment forum thread for the latest information.

  • Tuesday, May 3rd saw the SLS Main channel updated to server release 571166, which includes:
    • A new LSL function llGetVisualParams(). Returns a list of avatar appearance details for a given agent.
    • New options for llGetEnv(): “agent_limit_max”, “agent_reserved”, “agent_unreserved”.
  • Wednesday, May 4th should see all RC channels updated with a new new infrastructure server that sees an update to code housekeeping within the simulator, but should not result in any user-facing changes.

Available Official Viewers

The current official viewers are as follows:

  • Release viewer: version version – formerly the Lao-Lao Maintenance RC viewer, promoted Monday, April 18 – No change.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • Makgeolli Maintenance RC viewer (Maintenance M) viewer, version, April 26.
    • MFA RC viewer, version, April 26.
    • Performance Improvements RC viewer version, dated April 4, issued April 14(?).
  • Project viewers:
    • Performance Floater project viewer, version, March 18.
    • Mesh Optimizer project viewer, version, dated January 5, issued after January 10.
    • Legacy Profiles viewer, version, dated October 26, 2020.
    • Copy / Paste viewer, version, dated December 9, 2019.

In Brief

  • The fixes for off-line Group and Friend invites were due to go to an RC update this week, but have been delayed pending further testing.
  • BUG-231582 – “Newly rezzed objects are invisible after relog under certain circumstances”: a fix is in development and should be appearing in an upcoming simulator update.
  • BUG-232107 – “Bring back fun Sim Channel Names” – the simulator RC channel names (e.g. LeTigre, Magnum and Bluesteel for the main three, plus the likes of Cake, Ferrari, etc), were all obfuscated some time back.
    • The reason for this was that people would frequently assume the simulator channel on which their region was running to be the cause of any issues being experienced, and insist their region be moved to another channel – even if that channel was using the exact same simulator release.
    • However, the obfuscation has caused an equal amount of confusion for some and added the need to constantly cross-reference simulator version numbers when troubleshooting, ergo this request has been made to revert the obfuscation, something that the server engineering team indicated they might be willing to entertain at the week #17 meeting.
  • There was an extensive discussion on making EEP more robust for estate owners by allowing better control of the environment through script objects (which essentially send out region settings every 2 minutes and request viewers switch to them). Some of this work may be addressed by Rider Linden in the near future, and details supplied when this happens.

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  1. What’s the use case of llGetVisualParams? It appears to let you circumvent no modify/no transfer on shapes on your own or any other avatar. People that make shapes and sell them may not be very happy…

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