Hollybrook Regional Park in Second Life

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022: click any image for full size

Hollybrook estate is a two-region estate comprising the Hollybrook Farming Community, located on a Full private region utilising the private Full region Land Capacity bonus, and a Homestead region, which forms the home of the Hollybrook Regional Park, the focus of this article.

A beautiful newcomer and family friendly mountain range with horse trails, hiking, camping and more.

– from the Hollybrook Regional Park About Land Description

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022

Designed by estate owner Truly Whitlock (really4truly), Hollybrook Regional Park is specifically designed for SL horse-riding (although exploration on foot is welcome) and offers plenty of opportunities for photography.The landing point sits on the north side of the park, alongside a small cabin offering information on the estate, a rental vendor for the homes within the Hollybrook Farming Community (see below for more on this), and a series of Hollybrook Park Rezzing Permit vendors, allowing those who would like to rez props for their photography for L$90 per 24 hours. The cabin also offers a Teagle horse rezzer for visitors who wish to ride the trails of the park (those who have a wearable horse can opt to use that instead, if they wish).

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022

The trails around and through the region are a mix of routes marked by stones, grassy paths, dirt tracks and surfaced paths. These all present multiple route of exploration. Eastwards, a dirt track run past the local equestrian centre, where stables can be rented for those who want a home for their horse, and a practice area for jumping. This also includes a teleport to an arena for jumping, but you’ll need to have the group tag and use the rezzable horses.

This route also offers a way up into the central hills within the centre of the setting while the dirt track carries on past the equestrian centre to where a bridge crosses into the farming community lands or south through cultivated fields and around the base of the hills and on to the park’s farmhouse.

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022

Westwards, the trails lead the way around the region’s coast to a beach, and provides access to a large body of water nestled in the arms of the hills.

To the south-west, the hills rise to a rocky plateau which, in practical terms, would not be overly nice to horses but which offers a trio hideaways for those who want some quiet time. These are matched by a little camp site sitting atop the central hill close to where a pair of pools feed water down to the lake below.

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022

In terms of the farming community, this can be reached by two bridges crossing the creek that separates the two regions. Tracks from the bridges offer routes through the region and visitors are welcome to travel them. However, please do remember that the residential properties within the region are private – should you be interested in renting one, please refer to the local vendors or the Hollybrook Community website.

A beautiful countryside awaits you. A family and LGBTQ friendly farming and breedable animal community. Come stake your claim today!

– from the Hollybrook Farming Community Website

There are public spaces – a waterfront to the north, a manicured park towards the middle overlooked by an open market, but again, do be aware of the townhouses that sit between the waterfront area and the park.

Hollybrook Regional Park, May 2022

To return to the park, this offers further areas of exploration not mentioned here – but I’ll leave you to discover them – and it is finished with a subtle sound scape that, along with the local wildlife, helps to bring the setting to life, making Hollybrook Regional Park a more than worthwhile visit.

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