Second Life shoppers – can you help a student with her thesis?

I’ve recently had the opportunity – courtesy of Gentle Heron of Virtual Ability – to get to know Besitaa, a student from Turkey who is currently studying at Çağ University.

Whilst a relative newcomer to SL, Besitaa has become well-known to Virtual Ability and Gentle,  having helped with events and activities.

Currently, she is engaged on her Master’s  Business Administration and Marketing  as she notes herself:

I am a graduate student at Çağ University in Turkey currently majoring in Business Administration and Marketing. I am working on my Master’s Thesis. My goal is to write about other Second Life users besides myself to learn more about the metaverse and our future in it.

As a part of this work, Besitaa is looking at Second Life commerce, and specficially the virtual shopping experience associated with the platform, either via in-world shopping or via the Marketplace. To help with this, she has put together a questionnaire for shoppers to complete.

The form take just a few minutes to complete, and no personal data is recorded as a part of the study – only the responses to the questions. So, if you could spare 4-5 minutes and provide replies, you can fill out the form as embedded below, or follow this link to complete it.

Besitaa sends her thanks in advance to all who complete the form, which will remain open for around the next 10 days.