Spring at Nelipot in Second Life

Nelipot, March 2022 – click any image for full size

I dropped back into Nelipot, the Homestead region held and designed by Shawn Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) and Lien (Lien Lowe) to both catch it in its Spring 2022 dress and to give the Firestorm implementation of the 360º snapshot floater, which will soon be coming up for release. Not because the implementation really needed testing – Firestorm look to have adopted LL’s code pretty much “as is” – but just to satisfy myself; plus – and quite frankly, Nelipot deserves to be seen in its full glory.

For its spring 2022 look, Nelipot moves from what had been something of a North American lean to something perhaps a little more European in tone.

The landing point sits on one of two small islands that brace the main land mass for the region. Sitting to the south-west of the region, this landing point island sits in the jaws of the main land area, separated from it on either side by the waters of an inlet that cuts its way into the region. To reach the rest of the setting, people can either swim or – as might be easier – jump into the pedal boat moored at the island’s little dock and paddle across the bay (don’t double / single-click TP off of the boat when you get to shore or you’ll be returned to the landing point; instead, stand and wade ashore).

Nelipot, March 2022

The core of the main part of the island is given over to a small farm that appears to be split between growing grapes and raising livestock. Given its Tuscan look, the farmhouse and the vines suggest this might be somewhere in Italy – but that’s for visitors to decide.

Across the bay, and bracketing the farmhouse, are two windmills sitting at the end of the finger of land. The wharf and barn here suggest the farm might supplement its income by offering tourists the chance to go fishing out on the surrounding waters, or simply take a kayak or rowing boat out onto those same waters.

To the north-west lies the second little island, another low hump of land rising from the waters, this one the home of an old shack, now used as another fishing retreat. Across the water from it and back on the main island, what might be a holiday cottage lies nestled on the far side of a low rise which separates it from the farm.

With a hilltop café providing a picturesque view across the water to the farmhouse and several places to sit, the pedal boats available for paddling around on the waters in the bay and around the island, and plenty to photograph and explore in-doors and out, Nelipot once again offers a lot to appreciate and enjoy.

Nelipot, March 2022

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  • Nelipot (Safe Haven, rated Moderate)