A trip to the North Pole in Second Life

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021 – click any image for full size

So, with Christmas Day having arrived, and a tummy full of Christmas dinner, I decided to pay a visit to the North Pole – after all, Santa comes to visit us on the evening before, so why not drop in on him – perhaps with a mince pie or two? In this case, the North Pole in question is a Full region held by Stormie Frua, and offered for folk to enjoy. It comes packed with places to visit and things to do; a charming winter wonderland that makes for an ideal post-Christmas Day visit.

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021

While it is not enforced, the region’s landing point is located north-east of its centre, and is the best place to start explorations. It is here that the local greeter will offer a note card of principal points of interest so those who are short of time can see them all  via the included landmarks – but I do recommend making time so you can explore on foot, as there is a lot to see and appreciate – and a certain amount of magic to discover.

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021

Just down from the landing point is the first of those points of interest: the local pond. Frozen over, it is ideal for skating and is surrounded by places to enjoy a hot drink. In addition various paths wind through the snows of the region, passing under tree and over bridge as they lead visitors onwards.

One of these paths runs westward to reach the region’s docks and their little hamlet, all of which is open to exploration. To the east, the land rises, and paths climb rocky slopes. They pass by way of snuggle spots and cabins to arrive at a rocky, tree-crown peak with a further snuggle spot awaits, together with a zipline back into the region for those who dare.

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021

Climbing these eastern hills, visitors might also find the entrances to the touches of fantasy within the region. These take the form of a winding carven, its entrance half-way up the slopes, and a garden that can be reached either through the cavern or via a second path. Set behind a rocky arch, it sits as a place free from snow and awash with green and flowers, with faerie and deer and ruins: an oasis of colour in the whiteness of the rest of the region.

I should point out that the region also contains private homes dotted around it, so some care should be taken during wanderings to avoid trespass; but these are easy to identify when following the paths around the region’s centre. Needless to say, this is a place with multiple opportunities for photography throughout, accentuated by the default EEP setting, which really is ideal.

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021

So, if you’re looking for a winter setting in which to relax and enjoy so post-Christmas (or pre-New Year!) time, then a visit to the North Pole is highly recommended.

My thanks to Shawn Shakespeare for the SLurl.

North Pole – A Beautiful Christmas Escape, December 2021

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