Luane’s winter World in Second Life

Luane’s World, December 2021 – click any image for full size

Luane’s World is a region I’ve oft visited over the years, it being a popular destination that is always rich in detail and visually impressive through every iteration, thanks to the care region holder LuaneMeo pours into it. However, I have to admit it has been a few years since I last visited when it has been dressed for winter. Hopefully, this post helps rectify that fact.

For 2021, Luane presents a rural setting centred on a frozen body of water bordered by lowlands to the south, west and north and highland to the east, the latter also forming the region’s landing point, safely fenced off from the cliff edges and risk of falling to the lake below, while two routes of exploration extend away from it.

Luane’s World, December 2021

The first is via a high bridge spanning one of the three channels into the lake; the second takes a set of steps down the eastern slope to where the path splits north and south. The northern arm of the path points the way out for the region and into the adjoining residential regions Luane also operates, and which sit outside of this article. The southern arm of the path offers a route around the lands surrounding the lake, eventually meeting the path away from the landing point and the high bridge by the landing point.

The highlands across the bridge are home to an open air café presided over by bulldog riding mini Santas while their “little” helpers (who are a good deal taller than the Santas, if shorter than us!) take care of stuffing sacks with goodies. Alongside of them a long, snowy slope runs westwards to join the path circling the lake.

Luane’s World – December 2021

A relatively gentle incline, the slope can be walked down (or up), but for those making the descent, a sign board at the lip of the slope offers the chance to take a sled down the hill – just watch out for the gentle curve in the slope   and the slight risk of hitting some low stone marking the far side of the snowy trail!

Being frozen, the lake is ideal for skating, as proven by the penguins zipping and dancing across it (plus one Emperor Penguin who appears to have decided skis are a much better option!). Those who wish to join them ca find skates available at the little pier on the western shore, close to the box bridge crossing another of the channel leading into / out of the lake.

Luane’s World, December 2021

This pier is also home to a  – wait for it – bumper car rezzer. While this may at first sound odd, allowing for some unevenness in some the ice elements on the lake, the cars can be a lot of fun for scooting around the lake and offer three different modes of driving, depending on whether you want a quiet pootle or engage in a little friendly competition with friends – just do be aware of any skaters (including the penguins!) also on the ice.

For those seek a little respite from the cold, the lowland offer a number of places visitors can retreat into; a total of five cabins and cottages are available, all furnished and ready to offer a touch of warmth to counter the snow – although one might take a little bit of locating 🙂 . Also awaiting discovery is a cave with a touch of Christmas spirit hidden within it.

Luane’s World – December 2021
Luane’s World – December 2021

Beautifully laid out, easy to explore, rich in opportunities for photos, Luane’s World remains a delightful place to visit.

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