2021 SUG meeting week #35 summary

Four Bridges: Summer Quest, May 2021 – blog post

The following notes were taken from the Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 Simulator User Group (SUG) meeting. The meeting was recorded by Pantera Północy, and the video is embedded at the end of this summary. Note this summary focuses on the key points of the meeting; where there is something to report, the video should be referred to should full details of the meeting wish to be reviewed.

Server Deployments

Please refer to the server deployment thread for updates.

  • All simulators on both the Tuesday, August 31st and Wednesday September 1st deployments will be updated to simulator release 563385, which is functionally and configurationally identical to the 562252 SLS Main Channel deployment of the previous week.
  • The RC deployment on Wednesday, September 1st will additionally continue to process of changing all RC regions over to a new AWS server configuration as mentioned here, which will cause some incidental changes to how mesh land impact is calculated, but the primary change will be a small but noticeable bump in speed for most regions.
    • The new configuration can also cause a slight variation on floating point rounding that can show up in Land Impact calculations under rare circumstances. However, LL believes the impact is going to be so limited, it’s unlikely most people will notice.

Week #34 RC Deployment

The RC deployment originally planned for the previous week (Wednesday, August 25th) was pulled back due to a late-breaking issue. A fix has been implemented, but Mazidox Linden has indicated he wants to comb through the release before passing it as ready for deployment.

General Deployment Notes

  • As of the week commencing Monday, August 30th, 2021, the weekly planned deployment window is to be 06:00-11:00 SLT, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, subject to actual updates being available to deploy.
  • Rolling restarts will generally take place across all simhosts that have not been restarted in the past 14 days

Tuesday August 30th Issues

Tuesday, August 31st saw extended issues across a number of Second Life services, as per this SL grid status report, which were still on-going at the time of the SUG meeting. These issues appeared to be related to a significant problem at the AWS centre in Oregon, USA, where the SL services are currently hosted.

Part of the status update from AWS indicating they had identified the issue affecting a number of client services, including Second Life, august 31sr, 2021

SL Viewer

No updates to the current batch of official viewers to mark the start of the week, leaving the current pipelines as follows:

  • Release viewer: version version, formerly the CEF Update RC viewer, issued July 24th and promoted August 10th.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • Grappa Maintenance RC, version, dated August 24th.
    • Happy Hour Maintenance 2 viewer, version, issued August 23rd (dated August 20th).
    • Simplified Cache RC viewer, version, dated August 9th.
  • Project viewers:
    • Legacy Profiles viewer, version, dated October 26th.
    • Copy / Paste viewer, version, dated December 9th, 2019.
    • Project Muscadine (Animesh follow-on) project viewer, version, dated November 22nd, 2019.
    • 360 Snapshot project viewer, version, dated July 16th, 2019.

In Brief

  • Rider Linden continues to work on the tools update for the simulators, and believes he may have something that could help improve the scripts run percentage issue, but also emphasises it is currently too early to make any promises that it will actually do so.
  • BUG-231158 “Allow llGetNotecardLine to return more than 255 bytes” has been raised as a result of a conversation about raising the limit to 1024 bytes, which Rider Linden indicated shouldn’t be too problematic – subject to proper review of course.