RFL Renaissance Festival and Sci-Fi Expo dates and details

via the SL Renaissance Festival 2021

The dates and initial details of the Relay for Life 2021 Renaissance Festival and Sci-Fi Expo, both of which take place in Second Life, have each been made available over the course of the last month, as have initial registration details, etc.

Both the Renaissance Festival are focused on raising funds as a part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign, and the dates for both events are as follows:

  • Renaissance Festival: Friday September 24th through to Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, inclusive.
  • Sci-Fi Expo: Friday, October 8th through to Sunday, October 17th, inclusive.

Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival offers something for everyone interested in the medieval / renaissance period. It will take place across multiple regions – or kingdoms, if the 2020 format is retained – presenting a wide range of activities, including: shopping, role-play, auctions, tournaments and entertainment.

Registrations for the event are now available for (follow the links to learn more):

  • Merchants – a range of packages ranging in price from L$2,500 through to L$12,500 (the top-level options are now sold out), with assorted options. All fees are a 100% donation to the American Cancer Society.
  • Role-play packages – designed for  Medieval / Renaissance / Norse & Similar Genre Roleplay Regions & Guilds & Alliances & Group
    who wish to have a presences at the SL Renaissance Festival. Packages are prices at LS $2,500 each.

In addition, special sign-up opportunities are now open for:

  • Visiting Royals – Special Royals of the Day opportunities for breast cancer survivors and caregivers, with reserved seating at tournaments, special guests as other events and activities.
  • Tales of Heroes – the opportunity for breast cancer survivors and caregivers or physical world supporters of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer to share their stories, with a special booth at the event with which to tell their story.
via the SL Sci Fi Expo 2021

Sci-Fi Expo

With the theme of Journey to New Eden, the 2021 Sci-Fi Expo promises to carry visitors to the frontier world of New Eden where they will find the biggest sci fi designers and shops, live performances, roleplaying events, and more to enjoy.

Merchant registrations are now open, with fees ranging from L$1,500 through to L$12,500, depending on the package, with 100% of the registration fee going to the American Cancer Society.

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