Have a Lollipop with Cica in Second Life

Cica Ghost – Lollipop, August 2021

Cica Ghost has opened her August installation, and its is one that really doesn’t need a lot of words to describe, other than perhaps those she uses herself:

Happiness is enjoying the little things in your life.

Entitled Lollipop, the installation is pretty much a light-hearted frolic through Cica’s imagination and sense of fun. Many of her trademark elements are here, offering a veritable melting pot of creations we’ve come to know and enjoy, as well as introducing some new characters.

Cica Ghost – Lollipop, August 2021

Among the former are her tall, thin houses that point towards the sky like a collection of slender fingers, the majority of them forming a little town built on platforms over cool blue water; then there are her flowers, this time of a giant size, mostly growing free although here and there they set within pots, whilst also scattered around are her dinosaurs, frogs, ingenious flying machines and multiple sit points with animations and / or dances.

The newer characters take the form of happy mice, and a chap who combines two of Cica’s past creations – cats and fish – and who looks like he would appreciate company, should someone opt to occupy the high chair alongside him. Several sea worms are also to be found, apparently fascinated by Cica’s buildings.

While one of the latter might appear to look upon the occupant of a chair within the house it is curled around as a potential snack the goofy looks of its friends belie any ill intent. However, if you are unconvinced as to the motives of said worm, then perhaps you might want to grab a lollipop from the big machine close to the landing point before trying the seat. That way, if the worm does look hungry, you can always offer him the lollipop!

Cica Ghost – Lollipop, August 2021

Caught under a summer’s sky, the colours of the ground bright and jolly as well, Lollipop is a place for fun, where you can sit, dance, climb, ride and enjoy yourself, free from message and worry. So go on, why not take a lick? And if you like the mice, you can purchase them through Cica’s little shop in a corner of the region 🙂 .

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