Art in 3D at Sinful Retreat in Second Life

Sinful Retreat – Ciottolina Xue in the foreground

Since its first major event in October 2020 as a new centre for arts in Second Life (see: Unveiled: a new art experience in Second Life), Chuck Clip’s Sinful Retreat has become a genuine hub for art and artists, with continuously rotating 2D and 3D art exhibitions and permanent (or semi-permanent) displays and collections, many of which I’ve covered in these pages).

The venue covers two regions – Sinful Retreat itself and the neighbouring Artists Retreat – to offer a multi-level experience from the main galleries on the elevated level, complete with the airship Dionysus offering an event space, to the open-air 3D ground-level displays through to the additional 2D galleries both on the ground and higher in the air, all the way to the the UWA-like challenge space which is currently home to Sinners and Saints, which you can also read about here.

Sinful Retreat – London Junkers

From the main landing point it is possible to directly visit the Janus I and Janus II galleries, the 3D sculpture by Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, and Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer) entitled The Exquisite Corpse and the studio spaces in between, or use the numerous teleports to reach the open-air exhibitions of 3D art to be found across the two regions – which is the element of the setting I wish to focus on here.

Within Sinful Retreat it is possible to visit areas featuring the work of (at the time of writing – names may vary over time) Aequitas, Cica Ghost, Ciottolina Xue, Ilyra Chardin, Kraven Klees, London Junkers, Mariposa Upshaw, Melio Minotaur, Phenix Rexen, Pixels Sideways, and Toysoldier Thor.

Sinful Retreat – ArtemisGreece

Meanwhile, Angel’s Rest features the work of Alchemelic, ArtemisGrecce, Havit Neox, Sharni Alazee, Suzanne Graves, Thoth Jantzen and DB Bailey and Venus Adored, together with a display by region holder and Sinful Retreat owner / curator, Chuck Clip. Between all of these are various displayed of art that Chuck is displaying from his own collection, whilst two further sky galleries were, at the time of my re-visit, presenting exhibitions by Leo Bhalti (photography entitled Second Lives) and Wolfgang Ginka (poems and photography entitled Remembering Blue). 

In terms of the ground-level 3D art displays, I’d recommend picking one that grabs you and then when on the ground, using your pedal extremities to explore those across the rest of the two regions. This is because the sheer richness of the art on offer unfolds quite naturally, and it is possible to find yourself being call onwards from location to location on what becomes a voyage of discovery.

Sinful Retreat – art across Angel’s Rest

These include several blasts from the past – such as Ciottolina Xue’s exquisite Little Paradise in Second Life and Covfefe! The New World Disorder by Djehuti-Anpu (Thoth Jantzen), both of which appeared at SL15B (with the latter forming a part of the larger Moments of Immertia).

Also to be found within Angel’s Rest is Sharni Aalzee’s Never Say Never 2, a recreation of her 2014 UWA  Grand Prize winner in the 2014 Grand Art and MachinimUWA Challenge, Never Say Never – Love Transcends Borders. This sits on a plateau that forms both an art display area and a memorial garden that includes a remembrance to Ebbe Altberg and with candles lit to those whom Second Life has lost.

Sinful Retreat – Sharni Alazee, Messuno Myoo and the memorial garden

Such is the richness of the art on display – from Greenies getting up to mischief to giant lava dragons and parring by way of glittering cathedrals, little towns, figurines, robots at play, magical gardens and more – Sinful Retreat and Angels Rest are well worth taking an hour or two to explore. And should you feel in the mood for more art, there’s also Roxkstudio across the bridge to the west of Sinful Retreat – but I’ll save that for another day.

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