Euphoria in a Sweet Paradise in Second Life

Euphoria, July 2021 – click any image for full size

Photographer and blogger Rig Torok drew me by way of a Tweet and blog post to the Homestead region held by KrisMiss Munster (KrisMiss) under the name of Euphoria.

Dressed in an everlasting winter, the region offers visitors a break from all the summertime region designs that tend to be presented for public enjoyment at this time of year, and comes with a lot to see and appreciate.

Euphoria, July 2021

This is a place with an eclectic mix of settings strung along the snowy lands that rise from the intervening waters that break up the region, all of which flow together so as to be both individually placed yet still part of a flowing whole. All can be easily reached by foot, but for those who wish, a horse rezzer just across the bridge from the landing point offers the opportunity to ride along the paths winding through the region, while teleporters might also be found neatly hidden away here and there  for those who prefer to hop around.

As noted by the About Land description, these spaces include a wedding venue with an open-air reception area just a short walk from a little country chapel, a memorial space where those who have passed might be remembered, and an off-shore meditation space. Not mentioned in the description but sitting close to the latter, is a high diving point awaiting those who get to the top of the large table of rock that hides the meditation space from the rest of the region, giving it a sense of restful separation.

Euphoria, July 2021
I got this idea when a really nice guy messaged me asking if he can propose to his true love at Euphoria. Of course I said, Yes! 🙂
I got all kinds of fuzziness inside that now I want to offer it to all of you. If you want to propose to your partner at Euphoria, please message me. I will be happy to set it up for you.

– KrisMiss on providing the wedding venue at Sweet Paradise

Euphoria, July 2021

All of this barely scratches the surface of all that is to be found within Euphoria, however, as there are also places to sit and enjoy the company of a loved one (and which also extend into the air!), marvellous water-based features, atmospheric ruins and hints of magic thanks to things like the chandeliers that float in the air, the glowing waters and crystals, and a mirror frozen in time as it explodes, glass turning slowly like a glittering tornado caught in slow-motion.

From the landing point, the wedding venue of chapel and reception space lie to the east, the meditation area reached via a bridge and stepping stones just off to the south from the entrance to the wedding reception area. Across the centre of the region, with its water features and frozen fountain, lies the Memorial space.

Guarded by gates and a curtain of shimmering lights at the end of a narrow tongue of land, the Memorial space offers the means by which loved ones can be remembered in one of four ways:

  • By standing close to one of the unlit candles fixed to the columns of the memorial space and touching it. This will prompt you to enter the name of the person you wish to remember in local chat, after which the candle will light for a 24-hour period the name of the remembered one displayed above it.
  • By clicking on one of the Remember Me books on the alter, then entering a message in the displayed dialogue box and then clicking the Submit button.
  • By providing details on a note card and dropping it into the little mailbox on the alter.
  • Group members only, and limited by number / space: a glass plaque and wreath, obtained by again dropping a note card with details into the mailbox.

The above details can also be obtained by touching the Info panel on the alter plinth, and benches are placed within the Memorial space for those who wish to sit and remember.

Euphoria, July 2021

To the west of Euphoria is a second region that through both design and layout, might well initially appear to be a furtherpublic setting, but is in fact a residential region – so do be careful of any trespass.

A storybook setting rich in detail, caught until a sparkling late afternoon sky, and wrapped  within a gentle sound scape, Sweet Paradise presents much to see, enjoy and appreciate.

Euphoria, July 2021

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