Zia Branner’s Orenda in Second Life

UASL – Zia Branner

Orenda is a term with a number of definitions. Perhaps the most apt is that it is the Iroquois name for a certain spiritual energy inherent in people and their environment.

I’ve no idea if it is this meaning that Zia Branner wishes to encompass in  her new exhibition of the same name at the United Artists of Second Life (UASL), and which opened on June 25th, 2021; however, it is true to say that the paintings she presents are rich in energy and carry all of her spirit as an artist.

UASL: Zia Branner

Working with acrylics and using a variety of structure materials like paste, gel, sand, glue, bandages and paper, and often accentuating parts with oil crayons and ink, Zia always finishes her work with a layer of mat or gloss varnish or binder. All of this gives Zia’s work a sense of depth and life that is captivating – a fact that is further reflected in the way she embraces a variety of styles in her art – still life, abstract, landscape, impressionism, and so on.

All of this can be seen within the pieces Zia presents at UASL in Orenda. In all 17 pieces are on display, running from paintings of animals through studies of the human form to semi-abstracted landscapes. Among these is the titular piece itself, an abstract that is rich in energy and fully embraces a spiritual element through its use and balance of colour.

UASL: Zia Branner

Beautiful in form, fabulous in colour and powerful and / or engaging in content, Orenda is a very visual, engaging exhibition by one of SL’s most engaging physical world artists.

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