SL18B: Meet the Lindens – who and when – UPDATED

SL18B Meet the Lindens will focus on the leadership team of Brett, Grumpity and Patch

Update: Monday June 21st: well, I did say some aspects of SL18B may cause me to eat my hat, and the first Meet the Lindens session is one of them! In difference to the opinion voiced at the end of this article, the first of these sessions  – Meet the Leadership Team will feature board member and Executive Chair, Brad Oberwager (Oberwolf Linden).

A staple part of the SL Birthday celebrations over the past few years has been the Meet the Linden sessions. Featuring selected members of the Lab’s management team who appear each day on stage, either individually or in pairs and groups, to discuss (almost) anything related to Linden Lab and Second Life, the sessions are a popular source of information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

2021’s SL18B continues the tradition, offering another a week-long series of Meet the Linden events. These have now been formally announced via a blog post from the Lab, which provides information on them and other streaming events that will be taking place during the week commencing Monday, June 21st.

Featuring the core Leadership team, this year’s Meet the Lindens events kick-off with a special Lab Gab Live Stream on Monday, June 21st, and the complete line-up of sessions is as follows:

Day (Times SLT) Lindens
Monday 21st June
Lab Gab SL18B Special with the Leadership Team (Grumpity, Brett, and Patch Linden) together with Executive Chair Brad Oberwager (Oberwolf Linden).

You Tube Link

Tuesday 22nd June
Patch Linden, Vice President of Second Life Product Operations.

You Tube link

Wednesday 23rd, June
Grumpity Linden, Vice President of Second Life Product, who will be discussing several Second Life initiatives including recent efforts focusing on growth, a stronger, more balanced economy, movement towards better community cohesion.

You Tube Link

Thursday 24th June
Brett Linden, Vice President of Marketing, who will be talking about recent user acquisition and retention efforts for Second Life including advertising, public relations, content strategy, and social media.

You Tube Link

Friday 25th June
Meet the Moles. The Moles are builders, scripters, and content creators employed by Linden Lab to work in the Linden Department of Public Works.

Live Stream Link

You can watch any of these session in two ways:

  • By being a part of the live audience in the SL18B auditorium,
  • By following the You Tube live stream links above at the time of the event.
    • In addition, the Tuesday through Friday events are listed on the Lab’s Meet the Employees page on You Tube, together with pass SLB and Lab Gab sessions.

I confess to being a little disappointed that we’ll not be introduced to / hearing from Executive Chair Brad Oberwager (Oberwolf Linden) or Chief of Staff Cammy Bergren (Cammy Linden); it would have been nice to hear from one or the other, even if via a Lab Gab session. I certainly hope there may yet be an opportunity for such a session in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, I hope to have summaries of all this year’s Meet the Lindens sessions available through this blog as soon as possible after each has taken place.

4 thoughts on “SL18B: Meet the Lindens – who and when – UPDATED

  1. Vice Presidents are not leadership. We have no CEO, we have no technical leader. We have no leadership. They have poured all our money into sansar and are letting us die. Thanks Ebbe!


    1. Actually, within the Lab, the named VPs are very much leadership. They are members of the management team and that have direct oversight and management of those performing the day-to-day tasks of running and maintaining SL – the ops team, the product development teams, the software and back-end engineers, the developers etc. In fact, Grumpity, Patch and (the now departed) Oz, were regarded as the “troika” for managing and running Second Life directly, including core decisions on projects and platform development (albeit under the broader auspices of senior management). Brett has long held direct responsibility for managing and leading the marketing work, etc.

      While Oz has departed, it is not at all true to say LL has “no technical leadership”. As I understand it, Grumpity is temporarily wearing Oz’s hat, and she has a huge amount of technical skill and knowledge, having originally joined Linden Lab working at the sharp end of viewer development / engineering, and has since grown her knowledge to encompass the viewer, the simulator and the back-end services.

      People will always have differing ideas on Sansar and its validity, but so say SL was “left to die” is inaccurate. During the period Sansar was in development, SL also continued to be developed with numerous projects being launched and completed. On the technical front, the “big three” potentially being Bento, Animesh and EEP (and these were not the only projects); whilst on the back-end (among other things) there was the considerable effort to ensure the Lab was fully compliant with US state and federal money handling laws (and doubtless some international requirements) that allowed them to spin-up Tilia Pay as a subsidiary organisation capable for generating customers and revenue (including, following its sale as a viable platform, Sansar).

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    2. Ah yes, why don’t you piss on the man’s grave while you’re at it? The man just died and you’re shitting on his corpse.

      People like you can’t seem to grasp the reality of things. There’s nothing in SL that Waterfield can sell. Our servers are in the cloud. Our in-world assets are unsellable due to being a intellectual rights clusterfuck. There is no point in letting Second Life Die, because if they do, Waterfield would have wasted millions of dollars for no effort to retain profitability, and knowing how investors are, Waterfield would be taken to court over it.

      Pull your head out of your ass and listen for once. Waterfield and LL are trying their damndest to keep this boat going in the right direction, and there’s no value in non-constructive criticism like yours. Either give the Lindens something to fucking work with on Fixing SL like I and dozens of others have for years, or shut your hole.


  2. Actually bumped into Patch and Oberwolf back in late May in-world at the London gateway/hub/sim. Oberwolf was getting a bit of a tour from Patch, he stopped and chatted for a while, asking things like what we enjoyed about SL, and how we used the platform and other things like that. He seemed genuinely interested in what people had to say. He was a bit “noob” and we had to point out when you’re chatting text in local you have to be mindful of chat range and couldn’t walk off too far or you’d miss chat (Patch and he were on a direct voice call so they weren’t using general voice). Patch and other Lindens aren’t strangers around London, but it was nice bumping into the money too.


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