Arts for Life 2021 in Second Life

Raven Craig Art Centre: Art for Life 2021
Currently open through until April 24th at the Raven Craig Art Centre is a spacial exhibition of art – Artists for Life – offering visitors the opportunity to view and purchase art and photographs by artists across Second Life, and support Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society in the process.

Participating arts in the event comprise: AriaRose, Jolie, Poppy, Mystic Audion, Michel Bechir, Mira Biedermann, Lyla Blaylock, Pink Clarity, Star Finesmith, Starr Ghost, Hermes Kondor, Looker Lumet, Shane Matthews, Mony Pedroia, Eve Petlyakov, Max Seagate, Elise Sirnah, and Marie de la Torres. The majority of the artists have provided at least one or two images for the event, all of which are offered for purchase at L$99 each.

The exhibition has been organised by Sethos Lionheart, owner of Wythburn Village, where Raven Craig is located, and Star Finesmith, the artistic director for both Wythburn Village and Raven Craig. The idea grew out of the successful Art Walk Wythburn in aid of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC) in 2020 (see: Wythburn Art Walk in Second Life), as Star explains.

Raven Craig Art Centre: Art for Life 2021
The Art Walk was a more casual, informal event, with are … across the region. This year I wanted to make sure that the fund-raising is focused on the art. I spoke to some of the artists from last year about how they would feel about creating art that would only be available for sale at the event. I received a lot of positive feedback on the idea, and so decided to give it a go.

Star Finesmith on the origins of Arts for Life

Each of the halls of the gallery have been decorated in a manner that reflects the general themes of the art displayed within it, with the art itself incredibly diverse, making for a vibrant exhibition.

In addition to the pieces offered directly for sale, each, artist has also submitted a piece for the Arts for Life silence auction that will run through until midnight on April 24th, 2021. Auction items can be found in the gallery’s central ground-floor hall, with bids made via the origami box on the shelf under each piece. The winning bidders for each piece will be informed after the event closes, and will receive a Copy, No-Mod, No-Transfer version of the piece.

Raven Craig Art Centre: Art for Life 2021

Also available at the exhibition is a free copy of a commemorative book featuring images of the art on display together with information on the artists and the event as a whole. Visitors can obtain copies from the in-world version found at various locations within the gallery.

So do please take the time to visit the Raven Craig Art Centre between now and April 24th, and remember that all proceeds from purchases made go directly to RFL of SL and the American Cancer Society.

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