From Kuga to home: a tale of 264 region crossings in Second Life

Using open water between Stilt Homes and Houseboats to try a turn of speed during my trip from Kuga to Second Norway

With the opening on the Alpine theme homes (see: Lab announces Linden Homes Chalet Theme released), Satori and all points north (including Blake Sea and Second Norway) have directly connected to Jeogeot and Sansara (and points north) via Bellisseria. This set me wondering what it would be like to complete an “epic voyage” by either boat or aircraft (or possibly both, and perhaps even with a land vehicle or two) through all or some of the connected lands.

I was by no means alone in this line of thought; in fact in just the last 24 hours Marianne McCann made a flight from Bay City to Hollywood Airport on the Eastern side of Blake Sea, a distance of 279 regions, as reported in the Bay City Post. So I thought I’d try a trip of my own.

Before setting out from Kuga, I make sure the boat was properly fuelled

So as not to simply follow in Mari’s prop wash, I decided to start from close to the location of my only Bellisseria Houseboat, on the western side of the continent and within throwing distance of the SS Galaxy. From there – or more particularly, the rez zone at Kuga – I’d attempt to cross Bellisseria by boat and air, and then continue onwards and around / over Satori, across the Blake Sea and finally back home to Second Norway.

For the first stage of the trip – Kuga to Pegleg Channel, I opted to take my Piaggio Little Bee. This classic tender style speed boat is still one of the best available in Second Life, packed with features and a joy to drive. My selected route took me south over relatively open water to Caladium, then along the river running west-east along the divide between the original Bellisseria regions and the first major land expansion.

My choice of water route across Bellisseria in places left me grateful I’d opted to use one of my smaller boats …

Of variable width, this channel is fun to navigate in a small enough boat, offering excellent views of the Victorian Theme of Linden Homes on both banks and well as a chance to discover some of the “hidden” nests of houseboat that lie inland.

PegLeg Channel can be found well into Bellesseria, in what is effectively the continent’s inland sea. It’s significant in that it has a local rez zone tucked below the familiar lighthouse’ allowing me my first switch of vehicles with an initial 33 region crossings completed at various high and low speeds. From here I would take to the air to cross overland using my DSA G58 Baron in floatplane mode, heading by way of Log Homes to my own Stilt Home.

All change! At Pegleg Channel I switched to my G58 Baron for an airborne leg of my journey

This flight was relatively smooth, although I did find myself climbing to over 150 metres to try to escape the nagging of security orbs. I also slightly miscalculated my course, so I arrived at the east coast somewhat south of where I needed to be in order to cross into the Stilt Home regions. However, a quick bank and short run along the coast and I was back on track, turn north-east(ish, with variations) to get up and cross to the channel where my current Stilt Home resides, and where I planned to swap back to water transport.

Mooring the ‘plane with a further 55 region crossings made, I took to my Bandit SRV210 to strike east once more and, after a second error (bloody mindedness in refusing to flick to my browser to check a functional map), it was across open water and into the Alpine Homes regions, which are divided by some very broad waterways that make for easy and fast navigation. Clocking up 68 more region crossings, I arrived at Buffalo Springs, where a rez zone would let me take to the air again for what I expected to be the hardest part of my trip – getting across the Mainland continent of Satori. 

Banking over the Alpine Homes in readiness to come around a start my descent in Buffalo Springs

For this leg of the trip I  shifted over to my Spijkers and Wingtips MD-900 helo and encountered my first and only region crossing mishap – a complete disconnect trying to cross from Buffalo Springs into Carmine Sky. This was actually a convenient point to have the problem, given I’d just left a rez zone, so no massive back tracking. It was also ironic, as I’d literally just boasted to a friend in IM that I’d made 140+ region crossings without incident…

The flight across Satori brought my only other mishap: an encounter with an utterly aggressive security orb that left me like a freshly fallen lemon, standing on the edge of the region in question. Again, not wishing to backtrack, I checked the Map, found a GTFO depot several regions further along the highway that sat just over a region away, and use a wearable horse to ride over to the road and thence to the depot. Then, with a fresh helo rezzed, I was off again, eventually passing back over water to fly on to Meauxle Bureaux, then shortly after turn due north to reach Blake Sea Kraken – another 81 region crossings successfully made (I’m not counting the security orb as a failure). 

Passing over the home of the Moles …

Twelve crossings later I was at Foliage, a grass airstrip with over-the-water helipads. It’s an airstrip I’m fond of, so with a sleight of hand to allow for the rez zone being entirely on dry land, swapped the MD-900 for a Piaggio / WALT Searoo for the final leg – a run up the Blake Sea Channel and into Second Norway and thence home – a trifling 15 more crossings.

The elapsed time for the trip was just over 3 hours, including the detours and re-log. In all I completed 264 region crossings and experienced just the one serious issue (although obviously, there were the expected losses of vehicle control for a second or so after each crossing – but no additional issues of camera slewing, etc.).  As such I’m counting the trip a complete success.

Almost home! cruising into Second Norway in my WALT Searoo

I admit to being surprised by the use of so many security orbs in Bellisseria, rather than the supplied security systems. I wonder if this might be down to orbs generally being 1 or 2 LI and the Linden supplied controls around 5. I  was also surprised at the heights to which some reached; growling at someone just 30 metres over your head is understandable – but when they are at 130+ metres? That’s excessive.

But anyway, this was a fun trip, and one I might repeat in the future, likely with a different destination in mind and using different vehicles / craft.