Jamee and Matt at Raging Graphix in Second Life

Raging Graphix Gallery: Jamee and Matt

The October exhibition at Raging Graphix Gallery, curated by Raging Bellls, brings us a joint exhibition by Jamee and Matt Thompson, perhaps between known to many in Second life as Jamee Sandalwood and MTH63, who recently officially partnered in SL.

Both are well known for their photography depicting the sights and art of Second Life, their individual styles an engaging mix of the contrasting and the complimentary, depending on subject and  – I assume – mood. Indeed, so complimentary are their styles that but for the tell-tales evident in some of the piece in this exhibition, and the occasional presence of a name in a canvas corner, all of the photographs offered here might be mistaken as being captured by the same photographer.

Raging Graphix Gallery: Jamee Thompson (Jamee Sandalwood)

Jamee’s work encompasses several genres, including landscapes, avatar studies, fashion photography and abstract pieces, although her landscapes predominant here. These generally tend towards softer tones and lighting, carefully processed to give a genuine feel for the time of day that frames them. However, more recently she has moved towards what she refers to as”shadow photography”, using both the play of light and shadows to create elements within her images, while at times also leaning towards darker tones in over composition.

Matt has also built a reputation as a landscape photographer, again as evidence in the pieces included in this exhibition. However, were Jamee sways towards softer tones and post-processed finishes, Matt often tends towards sharper, cleaner lines and finishes that – even when portraying reflections on the water – give his work a more crystalline finish, one so sharp in places that it feels as if a brush of the fingers over some of the lines of his images might well cut the finger.

Raging Graphix Gallery: Matt Thompson (MTH63)

This sharpness gives his pieces a sense of life and realism comparable to Jamee’s work, one that like hers reaches beyond the digital realm in which they were taken to offer something very tangible, whilst that same sharpness mentioned above offers that subtle contrast to Jamee’s work, gently pointing to the fact these these are pieces produced by two individual artists, even as they are unified by subject matter and tonal quality that can unify them into a single exhibit.

This complimentary flow is perhaps seen in the four pictures along the longest wall of the exhibition space, in which two of Matt’s landscapes bracket two of Jamee’s pieces that lie within her more “shadow photography” approach. The contrast of hard and soft lines, be it through finish or the use of the shadows inherent within the location where an image was taken and the tonal qualities of all four pieces, even with the differing approaches to post-processing offer all four as a continuous whole, the eye running easily across them as if they had sprung from the one artist’s eye and hand.

Raging Graphix Gallery, Matt and Jamee

Engaging, bold, and with a personal touch through the inclusion of The Rings, a piece marking their recent union in Second Life, this is another excellent exhibition at Raging Graphix, and it will run through until the latter later of October.

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