Ruegen Island in Second Life

Ruegen, October 2020 – click any image for full size

Ruegen is a Homeland region designed by Andre Nalin (ReizWolf) we were pointed towards recently by Shawn Shakespeare. It takes its name – and is inspired by – Rügen, lying just off the coast of Germany’s Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea.

At some 926 square kilometres, Rügen is Germany’s largest island. – and as such, potentially a difficult subject to represent within the confines of the 65,536 sq metres that form the land area a single region. So rather than trying to model it in whole, Andre has used some of the features it is noted for as his inspiration, and created a sandy haven; an island clearly in more northern latitudes, and with features of its own to attract the eye.

Ruegen, October 2020

Rügen is particularly noted for its coastline, characterised as it is by numerous sandy beaches, lagoons, peninsulas, headlands, and inlets and bays that project into the island. Part of this coastline comprises the Jasmund National Park, famous for its vast stands of beech trees and chalk cliffs like King’s Chair. Awarded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, it is one of the locations paid homage to within this build: a line of cliffs mark the region’s south side, topped by tall Scots pines.

I  can’t speak too much to the physical world Rügen as I only have Wikipedia and tourist sites to go by, so offering any real comparisons here would be a little pointless. However, this doesn’t matter, as the region’s design more than speaks for itself.

Ruegen, October 2020

The landing point lies on the east side of the island, just above a sweeping beach looking out over a cold blue sea – itself looking as one might imagine the Baltic to be. Two hills rise from behind this curving coastline, running to the west and another beach, a broad, shallow valley sitting between them. This valley is home to an ultra-modern house (a Cain Maven design that is eye-catching in its looks and has something of a Nordic twist to it).

Again, whether this is representative of the style of housing on the actual island is immaterial; it has a certain look to it that makes it a fitting subject for the region. It shares its space with a single greenhouse and a free-standing swimming pool that offers a break from the surrounding salt waters washing the coast. This house, looking down on the broad beach, is an automatic draw to the eye and feet, but I would note that while it appears to be open to the public, it sits within its own parcel, so could be private.

Ruegen, October 2020
Two other houses can be found on the island, both on the beaches. There’s a wooden house standing over the coastal waters as the beach curves around the north side of the island, whilst to the south, where the sands split into a small, shallow bay, there sits a thatched cottage watching over working fisher huts and a small pier with a fishing boat moored alongside.

Outside of these three houses, the only other buildings on the island are a little café, also built out over the eastern waters, a ruined beach house to the north and a little gazebo up on one of the hilltops. The rest of the island has been left wild and and open to exploration; the hilltops are crowned by trees (and a home to a camp site and deer), whilst the beaches offer multiple places to sit, some watched over by horses that graze on the tough grass that has pushed its way up through the sands.

Ruegen, October 2020

All of this makes Ruegen both easy on the eye and an easy, relaxing explore.

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