Rock Your Rack 2020: calling all artists!

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Rock Your Rack, the annual fund-raiser organised by Models Giving Back (MGB) in aid of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), will again take place between Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 18th, 2020, inclusive.

Officially endorsed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Rock your Rack celebrates its eighth year of fund-raising in Second Life. Each year it brings together music, art and entertainment into a 14-day event that both raises for for, and awareness of the work carried out by, the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Activities at the event include designer booths, fashion shows, entertainment, an art show, and auctions and hunts.

Registrations for creators / designers, bloggers and DJs / live entertainers all closed on on July 31st, 2020. However, on August 1st, the organisers opened applications for 2D and 3D artists who would like to participate in the event, displaying / selling their art and help raise money for NBCF.

Requirements and allowances for participation comprise:

  • Donation requirements:
    • 2D artists are required to have two new and original art pieces for sale with 100% of proceeds going to Rock Your Rack.
    • 3D artists will be required to have 1 new and original piece available for sale with 100% of proceeds going to Rock Your Rack.
    • Vendor scripts will be supplied by the event organisers.
  • Artists who wish to make larger donations to Rock Your Rack can do so by either:
    • Using the donation script in additional art pieces to donate 100% of proceeds to Rock Your Rack, or
    • Use the official 50/50 split script to donate 50% of proceeds of sales to Rock Your Rack.
  • All items must be placed for sale for at least L$250.
  • Artists must keep within the LI limit set for their display area (including all decoration):
    • 2D artists will be allowed 30 LI.
    • 3D artists will be allowed 75 LI and a 10×10 metre area.
  • All items must follow the Second Life TOS and Community Standards, and must be General or Moderate rated – adult themed art is not allowed.
  • The following cannot form part of a display: particle machines, hovertext, auto group joiners, chat spammers, or announcers.
  • Touch group joiners are allowed.

Artists wishing to join the event should complete the Rock Your Rack Artist Registration form. Applications will remain open through until the end of Monday, August 31st, 2020 (SLT), unless all spaces are claimed before that date.

Successful applicants will received a note card confirmation and invitation to the Rock Your Rack Artist group, and should remain a member of that group through until October 21st, 2020.

About Rock Your Rack and Models Giving Back

Rock Your Rack is the annual fund-raiser started in October of 2012 by Jamee Sandalwood and the team at Models Giving Back. MGB is the grid leader in trusted charity events. Jamee takes care of everything from Designers, to bloggers, to musicians, to models. This way any confusion is avoided and no one has to wait to check with anyone else before things are getting done. Rock Your Rack provides full transparency: all of the event’s documentation from screenshot totals, to Lindex transactions, to donation receipts account for every penny that was earned and donated all being posted to the Rock Your Rack website. The event has also, in previous years, obtained formal approval from the NBCF – see the 2018 approval letter for 2018 as an example.

Models Giving Back is the professional team of elite models in Second Life who have dedicated themselves to supporting the efforts of verified RL charities. This team of models gives tirelessly to the events we are involved with always giving of their time and talents to promote those designers involved in our events. For more information on Models Giving Back an how you can become a part of the team, visit the Models Giving Back Facebook Page for information about casting dates and times.

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