A South Shore Bay in Second Life

South Shore Bay, May 2020 – click any image for full size

Designed by Sloomi, South Shore Bay  on the Homestead region of Malaekahana Island, is presented as a place with a touch of a Mediterranean summer about it. A mix of public spaces and four private residences (three of which – I think – might be available to rent), it is a simple, easy-on the eye place with much to offer.

Built around a central lake, the island has a slight lagoon feel to it, the land opening out to the north and south to form rounded, low-lying headlands. Three of these have houses built on them, one of which id definitely private, the other two being two of the possible rentals. The remaining headland, occupying the south-west corner. The track connecting this beach with the path circling the lake also forming the region’s landing point.

South Shore Bay, May 2020

With a mix of Joshua and palm trees, the beach offers plenty of parasol-shaded places to sit and admire the sea view, the path leading to it also home to a small open market. Should you get peckish when visiting, a bar sits at the northern end of the sweep of the sand, with fresh fish and chips on offer.

Take the lake path eastwards, and it will take you along a narrow waist of low land caught between the gentle sweep of a seaward bay and the flat-topped hump of a hill that is home to the remaining summer house on the island. In terms of location, this perhaps offers the best views, one out across the bay to the off-region island, the other inland over the region’s lake. This lake appears somewhat tidal: there is a narrow channel to the west that connects it to the sea, and the sands just above the current water line appear to have a high tide mark running around them, as if the water level can periodically increase.

South Shore Bay, May 2020

To the east, the island has a rich screen of trees through which the footpath passes. By no means dense, the trees are sufficient enough to screen one of the beach houses from the path, whilst also perhaps sheltering the lake from any eastern winds, as well as holding the sands along the top of the hill in place.

After passing through the trees, the path swings closer to the lake than the sea, providing space for another much smaller beach on its seaward side, complete with a cuddle space on an old rowing boat before a further copse of trees serves to screen the south-east house from the rest of the island and provide any occupants with some privacy.

South Shore Bay, May 2020

A further bay sits on the north end of the island, nestled between the two headlands there. A little more rugged in nature than the southern bay, this is home to a colony of seagulls, while for those who don’t fancy walking, a balloon with single pose swing slung under it circles  slowly overhead.

An easy-going, comfortable design with multiple places to sit and finished with a gentle sound scape, South Shore Bay presents exactly what it says in the About Land description states: a quiet place to relax.

South Shore Bay, May 2020

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