Revisiting The Eye Gallery in Second Life

The Eye, May 2020

It’s been a while since I last visited The Eye Gallery, owned and curated by MonaByte. Originally opened in 2014 – although it has relocated since opening – the gallery offers exhibitions by invited artists as well as displaying Mona’s own work.

Currently, it is Mona’s work in both 2D and 3D that is on display within the gallery’s rooms.

My first steps in SL came through teaching: conducting various projects with my RL students. Then came Escuelita para Pekes, a place for friends where I shared beautiful moments lecturing to SL children. At the same time, learning to build became my passion and the sim 1+1 was my daily meeting place where true friendships were born. I also took art tours through different sims and galleries to help promote SL art. Then my sister and friend Duna Gant gave me the honour of managing Culture, the workshop responsible for poetry reading and other events at Artemis Gallery. My work with her was a wonderful experience.

– MonaByte describing her initial years in Second Life

The Eye, May 2020

Mona’s work a bold in tone and content, and red features heavily in the works on offer in this exhibition, with some of the exterior walls and spaces of the gallery coloured to match. Her 3D work is also rich in context, and emotion, each piece conceptual in is transmission of both: Balance, Freedom, Obsession, Conflict … Two pieces even celebrate her love of Red, which is also reflected in the 2D work in the main gallery building where as series of images of poppies and red flowers capture the attention.

The upper floor of the gallery annex offers a trio of landscape photos and two more fantasy-oriented images. They lean more to blue in their tone – a reflection of both the time of day at which they were taken and their subject matter.

An engaging and pleasing exhibition.

The Eye, May 2020

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