PAC at Holly Kai: mini-update

Holly Kai Park: PAC gallery village

Just over a week ago, I wrote about Holly Kai Park becoming part of the new home for the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC). At that time, most of the major work in preparing the park for PAC’s use had been completed, although there were a few more things to get done before we’d be ready for people to start moving in.

Since that time, there have been one or two unexpected changes to plans – largely down to me having a couple of those three o’clock in the morning ideas that tend to leave you thinking, “now, why didn’t I think of that to START with?” However, the major building work is now complete, and with 32 individual studio spaces for PAC artists.

The work has started in transitioning people across to the Park from the current PAC location, which will be shutting down on March 25th (so as to give time for the buildings and facilities there to be packed away before PAC’s lease on the region expires on April 1st).

Teleport boards at strategic points around the park offer an easy means to get around

We’re going to be transitioning people over in stages so that region performance can be monitored and adjustments made, if required, but on the whole, things are looking good. In the meantime, Audie has commenced work on providing the PAC sky platform as well, so that eventually PAC will have two centres of operation in SL, with cross-teleporting between them.

If you are an artist is SL looking for space to display your art, you might want to considering joining the Phoenix Artists Collaboration. Gallery spaces are provided free of charge, and we’re in the process of creating a social calendar for group members as well, with relaxed events to be launched at Caitinara Bar at Holly Kai.

The PAC Welcome Centre (l), open rezzing area for boats, and the east side galleries with Holly Kai Gallery above them

We’ll be planning an official opening for April, once all artists are settled in at the Park, which will include a group exhibition within the main gallery as well. News on this will be posted through the PAC in-world group, as will info on social events as they are developed. And for those interested in on-line news on PAC, Holly Kai Park and Seanchai Library, the Holly Kai Park website is being re-vamped and will be carrying new on PAC activities, as well as resuming coverage of Seanchai Library events.

So, please do feel free to drop-in to Holly Kai Park and have a wander! Follow the signposts or use the TP boards!

North galleries and interactive sculpture lawns

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