Seeking ownership or sponsorship: the Phoenix Art Collaboration

Phoenix Arts Collaboration

I recently wrote about the The Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC), a group formed to support artists from across Second Life by providing large-scale exhibition spaces capable of supporting multiple artists free-of-charge (for up to 100 land capacity).

The group was founded by Robert73Miller and Luke (Marshmal), with artist Anibrm Jung curating the gallery. Set within a Full private region utilising the additional 10K land capacity allowance (so 30K total capacity), PAC offers a range of gallery and events venues, with some 42 artists currently availing themselves of the gallery’s core exhibition space, as I noted in The Phoenix Artists Collaboration in Second Life.

Unfortunately, PACs future is now uncertain. While Luke and Robert have funded the region through until the end of March 2020, due to personal reasons, Robert has had to withdraw his involvement in the project as a funder, and this has cast doubt on the group’s ability to meet the cost of region tier from April onwards.

Phoenix Arts Collaboration

However, rather than simply give up on the endeavour, Luke and Ani are hoping they can find assistance in continuing PAC’s work beyond March through the wider support of those within the Second Life community who might be willing to get involved in both the group and the running of the region. Specifically, they are very keen to hear from:

  • Individuals or a group willing to:
    • Either take total ownership of the gallery and region, and meet the L$16,999 per week tier (and with Ani continuing in her role as gallery curator)
    • Or join with Luke and Ani in managing the group and gallery, and meet an agreed share of the region tier.
  • Individuals or groups willing to sponsor the region and gallery for a fixed weekly amount, in return for advertising space within the region, and with all promotional material issued by the group for exhibitions and events.

Those interested in doing any of the above are asked to contact either Luke or Anibrm in-world, and at their earliest convenience to discuss ideas and opportunities.

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