The Phoenix Artists Collaboration in Second Life

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Vroum Short

Officially opening on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, is a new ensemble exhibition at The Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC), featuring individual art displays by some 42 artists – making it quite the stop for any lovers of art from both the physical world and the virtual, with the exhibition area offering additional spaces for exhibitions and events.

We share a simple dream and goal, to support and display artists work, so they may flourish and encourage others to do the same, Along this path we hope to make life long friends that form a collaboration to support each other and encourage us all to be the best we can.

– from the Phoenix Artists Collaboration group description

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Flamered

Those participating in the exhibition are: Dhyzel, Flamered, Giselleseeker, Lampithaler, Lyric, PatrickofIreland, Ragingbellls, ViktorSavior, Akim Alonzo, Tara Aers, Michiel Bechir, Klaus Bereznyak, Sisi Biedermann, Sheba Blitz, Zia Branner, Ilyra Chardin, Rage Darkstone, Slatan Dryke, Sophie Dunn, Elin Egoyan, Anders Franizzi, Eta Goldsmith, Pearl Grey, Layachi Ihnen, Mcpol Kamachi, Moora McMillan, Mistero Hifeng, Kayly Ilali, Moya Janus, Anibrm Jung (PAC curator), Silas Merlin, JolieElle Parfort, Melusina Parkin, Tom Prospero, Vroum Short, Ambre Singh, Sisi Singh, Tim Timaru, Maloe Vansant, Talullah Winterwolf, Cullum Writer, and yours truly.

The artists have all either been allocated space on the upper floor of the Concourse landing point, or in one of the surrounding suites. The latter are arranged in a 2-level square to provide a total of 36 gallery spaces, some of which are shared between two artists.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Mistero Hifeng

To facilitate easier location of individual artists, the lower floor of the Concourse building includes teleport portraits of all the artists displaying their work; just touch one to go to their gallery suite. Casual browsing of the individual suites can be achieved by stepping outside and wandering the streets (the upper and lower levels of which are connected via a spiral stairway in the south-east corner of the square) and dropping into any that catch your eye.

Given the number of artists participating in the exhibition, the breadth of art on offer is as broad as it can possibly get: Second Life landscapes, physical world art (mandalas, abstracts, digital media, paintings, drawings), themed avatar studies, Second Life vehicles, 3D pieces, reflections on SL art installations, images and words, and more.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Cullum Writer

Many of the pieces displayed are offered for sale, presenting an excellent opportunity for adding to collections, while (again) the number of artists exhibiting means there are opportunities to catch up with some well-known names and perhaps discover the work of some you may not have previously come across.

When visiting PAC, note that the teleport mat at the landing point provides access to further PAC spaces, not all of which may be in use at a given time (such as the events area). Chief among these is the PAC 3D Gallery, which at the time of writing featured Dressing the Decades, an “historical fashion outfits expo”, with paintings by ViktorSavior (and lists photo by Richard de Grataine Suoh and words by Alena Pit, although only Viktor’s painting were on display at the time of my visit).

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Yours Truly

The core event at PAC officially opens between 12:00 noon and 14:00 SLT on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020.

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