Second Life: Name Changes contest launched

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As promised in a November 21st, 2019 blog post from the Lab (see: The Return of Last Names and Changes to Marketplace, Events & Premium), Linden Lab has launched a competition for users to suggest the first batch of Last Names for when the new service is launched in 2020. 

Once available, Names Changes means Premium members can change their First Name, Last Name, or both.

  • There will be a one-time fee applied per Name Change.
  • First names are entirely free-form, while Last Names will be selectable from a list (“old” Last Names will not be eligible for re-use).

It is in this last regard that the contest is being run, as noted, with the Lab commenting:

We want your help coming up with the first batch of Last Names! 

Three submissions per entry … From all of the suggestions, we’ll pick five (5), and those five lucky Residents will be able to change their names completely free of charge (or designate another account for the name change).

Again, previously-available Last Names (e.g. Pay, Voyager, Sideways, Starr, Young, Silverweb, and so on), cannot be suggested and will not form a part of the new Name Changes service. A complete list of previously last names is available here.

Please refer to Name Changes Contest is Upon Us! for further information, and note that entries must be made via the official contest form, and must be submitted before 15:00 SLT on January 6th, 2020. Full rules for the contest can be found here. These appear to suggest the cost of a name change will be US $40.00 – see section 5 Prize, of the rules.

You can also catch up on my coverage of Last Names here:

6 thoughts on “Second Life: Name Changes contest launched

  1. I wonder if it will be possible to buy a premium membership for one month, change your name and then cancel your membership and still have that same last name?


  2. I sent in 2 suggestions though not sure I want to change my name.
    As to ‘oh yes’, I have seen discussions around that possible option and I think once you changed your name it will be permanent and more trouble than its worth for LL to change you back (once you drop from premium). But remember there is still a fee to change it over the membership requirement.


  3. I’m hoping that they do recycle some old last names…I wrote a list of ones I’d want to change to, and nearly all depend on previously-used last names.



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