Out of Mind – Inner Galaxy in Second Life

Out of Mind – Inner Galaxy

Open now through until December 29th is an ensemble exhibition organised by ViktorSavior. Entitled Out of Mind – Inner Galaxy, it features the work of a dozen Second Life artists.

The art is offered alongside the poetry of Alena Witt, who is also one of the artists, alongside of ViktorSavior. The remaining ten artists are: Amethystreignn, AngelinkaNega, jessamine2108, OrpheusofDarkness, RichardGrataineSuoh, Sleksanas, TaraAers, Ava Jhamin, Lanka Milligan and Vita Theas.

Out of Mind – Inner Galaxy

The setting is somewhat ethereal: a temple-like structure with columns of which hold aloft a sky of blinking star-like lights over which clouds pass, mirroring the mist the issues from the base of the columns and above a marble floor, two sides of which are limned with tear drops of light.

The art is set between the columns, alternating on each of the “walls” with poems by Alena. The latter are presented in Russian, but touch a poem to receive a note card with the poem in both Russian and English. The art – up to three pieces per artist, is displayed vertically – again, touch a picture for a note card on the artist responsible.

Out of Mind – Inner Galaxy

With the images focused on avatar studies, the exhibition offers an interesting insight into different styles and approaches to avatar art, with fantasy perhaps taking centre stage among the majority of the images presented. The theme stands as a excellent companion to the idea of expression of how we perceive ourselves and projection that inner self outwards and create a world around us we project through this virtual realm.

Small, rich with colour and presentation, this is an interesting and expressive exhibition.

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