A summertime Isle of Cezanne in Second Life

The Isle of Cezanne, December 2019 – click any image for full size

The Isle of Cezanne is a 1/4 Full region that has been designed and landscaped by ElenaMicheals Core. Occupying the south-east quarter of a region that has the full region land capacity bonus applied, the setting has something of a riverside feel to it, thanks to the use of two off-sim elements sitting off of the water-facing south and east sides.

Offering in a summertime setting, The Isle of Cezanne presents a rich countryside look and feel, but one with little touches of sci-fi fantasy that are just enough to add a twist to any visit without looking at all out of place. Rather, they add to the setting’s appeal for photography – which is a core theme for the location overall.

The Isle of Cezanne, December 2019

The landing point is tucked away in the north-western corner of the parcel. It is here, among the stones of an ancient ruin that visitors can find the teleport boards leading to three further photography locations in the sky over the region. Two of these are cosy studio-style settings (the Artist Studio and the Dressmaker Attic), and the third a more open winter setting for those seeking snowbound settings for avatar photography.

From the landing point, the ruins point southwards towards a tall house that has a little hint of Provence about it and which has been cosily furnished, including – at the time of our visit – hints of the season. This sits on a broad table of grassy rock (the entire landscape here is mesh, the terrain having been pushed below water level) looking south across the “river”. The land before the house slopes gently down to the water’s edge, pointing the way to where a wooden deck stretches out of the the water, offering a place to sit and admire the view while cormorants perch and flap their wings and the water’s edge, watched by black swans.

The Isle of Cezanne, December 2019

A second pier extends out into the water from between the house and the landing point ruins, but given a pair of brown bears are patrolling alongside of it, caution might be required when trying to reach it. However, it is the north side of the parcel that offers the sci-fi fantasy feel – although at first glance, it appears to be a natural setting: a further rocky landscape that ends with a barn and shed with cattle grazing on the wild grass, suggesting the house to the south is owner by a farmer.

To reach the barn and cattle, visitors can take a choice of routes. One goes part-way through the old ruins and then down the stone steps from the and past a little camping site sitting above the water. The other is to go directly east from the landing point and over the rugged terrain.

The Isle of Cezanne, December 2019

This latter route will take visitors past a “UFO house” sitting on concrete legs. It Sits as a strange little hideaway with and very eclectic set of contents, including toys, a laptop, a bomb, a crate of ammunition and – well, other interesting items. Outside this house are two large plants, with eyes at the centre of their flowers and a curiosity of their own, fixing any passers-by with a glassy, unblinking stare.

Throughout the parcel are numerous opportunities for avatar photography – the house, the wooden deck with its seating below it, the camp site, the “UFO house”, and so on. Also waiting to be found are multiple little touches of detail: deer in the shade of trees, sculptures, cranes dancing over the the water and so on,  all of which add depth to the parcel  for explorers.

The Isle of Cezanne, December 2019

Those wishing to rez props for their photographs can join the local group (no charge), and photos are welcome in the parcel’s Flickr group. Those who enjoy a rounded setting should ensure they have local sounds enabled during a visit to appreciate the local sound scape.

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