Snowed in at Zom’s in Second Life

Snowed in at Zom’s, December 2019 – click any image for full size

Occupying a quarter Full region that has the full region land capacity bonus, Snowed in at Zom’s has been design by Exde and LexxiHudson on behalf of parcel holder Zomborg Vollmar. Originally intended to be a private space, Zom notes:

After being told this was too pretty to keep all to myself I have decided to share my winter wonderland with everyone for a limited time! Plenty of hang out spots, and perfect set-up for winter photography! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

– Zomborg Vollmar

Snowed in at Zom’s, December 2019

The parcel is beautifully decorated as a winter setting – but this can come at something of a performance hit for some due to the volume of mesh snow within the setting. As such, some might find it easier to disable shadows for ease of walking around, but this is the only issue that might be found here.

That point aside, the snow and the parcel’s sound scape really make this a place where on arrival, you physically feel you need to wrap up warm in order to explore. Not only is the snow falling, there is also what seems to be on first hearing, the sound of a cold wind blowing  through the dense woodland of the setting and over / around the rocky backdrop to the parcel.

Snowed in at Zom’s, December 2019

From the landing point with its steam locomotive, a single path winds towards a cabin sitting on elevated ground. The cabin connects what appear to be the only obvious paths through the setting, so don’t be afraid to step inside whilst exploring. With a north-to-south line, the cabin includes an large wooden deck overlooking a river gorge and snowbound beach (reached via stone steps leading down from the deck), while on its east side, a second path runs between the trees to where more stone steps climb a broad table of rock overlooking the train sitting on its tracks.

The cabin is delightfully decorated and offers a warm, welcoming feeling. A fire burns in the modern fireplace tucked into a cosy lounge space, the kitchen is filled with food, complete with freshly made toast in the toaster, while a large picture window overlooks the deck and the cold river below, adding to the sense of warmth and comfort of being indoors.

Snowed in at Zom’s, December 2019

The path to the steps climbing up to the top of the rocky table will also take you past a little garden gazebo, while the plateau itself is home to a rectangular ice rink, complete with the offer of hot chocolate, although as far as well could tell, no ice skates are offered to visitors, which is perhaps a shame.

Elsewhere waiting to be found, is a little outdoor sitting area that can be accessed via a stone arch alongside the waiting train. It is set as an outdoor film space, complete with brazier keeping a meal and drinks hot (and which is also the reason for the wind-like sound that can be heard when first arriving, and is in fact the hissing of liquids being heated and the first itself). Walk out among the trees close to the cabin, and you might also find an old cable car re-purposed as a blanket-laden cosy snug, while the snow-covered beach offers a place to wrap up warm and watch the icy waters of the river flow by.

Snowed in at Zom’s, December 2019

I’ve no idea how long Snowed in at Zom’s will remain open to the public – but while it is available, I do suggest those who like seeing and photographing winter settings take the time to drop in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.  It is more than worth the time – and our thanks once again for the pointer from Shawn and Maxie.

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