Jeeves, family, cyberpunk and fables in Second Life

Seanchai Library

It’s time to highlight another week of storytelling in Voice by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s home at Holly Kai Park, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, July 28th 13:30: Tea Time with Jeeves

Just for summer, Seanchai Library takes a dive into the world of Reginald Jeeves, a well-educated, intelligent valets of indeterminate age who is employed by the amiable young man-about-town, Bertie Wooster, whom Jeeves routinely has to benignly rescue from the consequences of his idiocy.

Created by author, humorist, and lyricist (working with Guy Bolton and Jerome Kern) Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (October 1881 – February 1975), Jeeves and Wooster are perhaps his most iconic characters, their adventures eventually growing to 35 short stories and 11 novels, the majority of which are first-person narrated from the perspective of Bertie Wooster.

In The Aunt and the Sluggard Bertie again finds things getting a little problematic as a result of a relative of a friend.

Rockmetteller “Rocky” Todd is the kind who prefers quiet country living, but his aunt wants him to make a move to New York City so he can send her a weekly letter describing city life. Thus he faces a dilemma. The allowance his aunt is willing to pay Rocky to help with living in New York would be most welcome – as would continuing to be remembered in her will. But living in the city is something Rocky would rather not contemplate – and so he turns to Bertie for help.

Inevitably, it is Jeeves who comes up with a possible solution: why not pay someone else to stay in New York and write notes on city life that Rocky can then incorporate into letters to his aunt? Bertie takes the idea a stage further: Jeeves can write about his evenings at his club, about the celebrities there, and more.

Everything proceeds swimmingly until Rocky’s aunt arrives on Bertie’s doorstep – his apartment is the address Rocky has been using for his letters, so she believes it is Rocky’s New York home. And thus things threaten to unravel…

Join Da5id Abbot, Kayden Oconnell, and Caledonia Skytower as they read this delightful series at Ceiliuradh Glen.

Monday, July 29th 19:00: The Ice is Coming

Gyro Muggins reads Patricia Wrightson’s 1977 novel.

Frost is seen in summer and ice patches form in spite of the hot Australian sun. To the Happy Folk, living on the continent’s green edges, the frost is a reason to laugh and joke. For the Inlanders (Wrightson’s fantasy view of the Australian Aboriginals), however, the frost was once seen as a warning that an ancient foe, the ice-bearded Ninya, were on the rise – and so it might be that they are again.

The first to recognise the rise of the old threat is young Wirrun of the People. He leaves his job and sets out to meet the Ninya, taking with him as a sidekick, the petulant Mimi, and for protection, the Power bestowed by the first of the creatures in their path.

To assist in his quest, Wirrun sends for the men from Mount Conner to sing the Ninya down and keep them in their caves. But he must also beat the Ninya to the Eldest Nargun, source of fire, and use it to hold the Ninya until the men from Mount Conner arrive. And so his adventure begins.

Tuesday, July 30th 19:00: The Penderwicks in Spring

Springtime is finally arriving on Gardam Street, and there are surprises in store for each member of the family. Some surprises are just wonderful, like neighbour Nick Geiger coming home from war. And some are ridiculous, like Batty’s new dog-walking business.

Batty is saving up her dog-walking money for an extra-special surprise for her family, which she plans to present on her upcoming birthday. But when some unwelcome surprises make themselves known, the best-laid plans fall apart.

Filled with all the heart, hilarity, and charm that has come to define this beloved clan, The Penderwicks in Spring is about fun and family and friends (and dogs), and what happens when you bring what’s hidden into the bright light of the spring sun.

Dive into Jeanne Birdsall’s classic revisiting to the lives of the Penderwicks, read by Caledonia Skytower.

Wednesday, July 31st: A Cyberpunk Summer

Short stories with Finn Zeddmore.

Thursday, August 1st 19:00: The Sea King’s Daughter

Deep beneath the Irish Sea lies a kingdom beyond mortal men’s imagining… Until one day a fisherman finds a beautiful maiden washed ashore. She cannot speak to him in any voice, though her yearning shines from her eyes. But with forces of land and sea arrayed between them, will they ever find their happy ending?

With Shandon Loring, also Also in Kitely – teleport from the main Seanchai World


NOTE: Seanchai library is taking a break between August 5th and 10th for a summer break.