Miro’s postcards from Second Life

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

Opening on Friday, July 5th, 2019 at the Lost Unicorn Gallery, curated by Natalie Montagne, is an exhibition entitled A Kaleidoscope of Colour: Postcards from Second Life, featuring the photography of friend and fellow Second Life traveller, Miro Collas (who also regularly points us towards regions we can explore).

Located in the main hall of the gallery’s magnificent castle, the exhibition features an extensive selection of Miro’s photography taken – as the sub-title for the exhibition indicates – during his travels around Second Life. In all, over thirty photographs are presented, both within the main hall and within some of the rooms leading off of it.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

However, the thing that draws one to the pictures is Miro’s use of tone, colour and soft focus.

The colour and tone are clearly evident in these pieces, which has been set within the rooms in reflection of this. In the main hall, for example, blue is the predominant hue seen in his images. This gives the pieces a particular tonal quality evocative of fantasy moods and setting. In this, the choice of colour often reflects the locations where with the photos were taken, as with those for The Sanctuary and Tagus Enchanted Forest. Elsewhere, the blue presents a sense of enchantment or mystery to a place one might not necessarily associate with a fantasy setting – such as with Florence Bay.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

Brighter tones are evident in the selections found in the adjoining rooms as well, notably yellow and orange. Warm colours, these add a sense of homeliness, warmth and familiarity to the locations which, again, is fully in keeping with their nature when visited, or which  presents the subject location in a new perspective, such as with his picture of sunrise / sunset over the shoulder of Ukivok.

Miro’s use of depth of field and soft focus adds a further nuance to many of the images, giving them a painting-like aspect. This really brings each piece to life, as well as adding a great sense of narrative to each piece.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Miro Collas

All told, an extraordinary exhibition by a Second Life explorer whose work should be displayed far more in Second Life. The formal opening for the exhibition will be marked by a live performance by Phemie Alcott from 15:00 SLT, dress code: “classy casual”.

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  1. Very nicely written as always Inara! Thank you for writing about Miro. I’ve admired his artwork for quite a while now and it’s an honor to show his work 🙂

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