Dancing Beauties: the fine art of ViktorSavior in Second Life

Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

This review might be coming a little late in the day – so my apologies to all, especially the artist. However, May 20th saw the opening of an exhibition at Diotima Art Gallery curated by Redi (Red Bikcin) featuring the remarkable work of artist ViktorSavior.

Viktor is a mixed-media artist whose work spans both the physical world and Second Life. I first encountered it at the start of the year (see here for more), witnessing his paintings and – particularly – his drawings, which immediately captivated me. Since then I’ve been to several exhibitions featuring his work, and have continued to admire it.

Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

With Dancing Beauties, the title of his display at Diotima Gallery, Viktor once again presents a selection of his  monochrome  drawings in an exhibition that can be broadly split into two parts. In the front part of the gallery, and mounted on the walls, are fifteen studies of avatar couples enjoying moments of intimacy – which do involve female nudity, and thus might be considered NSFW.

In the rear hall of the gallery, these gently give way to 11 studies of individual avatars in motion.

Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

What makes Viktor’s art so attractive is the fact that his drawings are not merely snapshots that have been captured in the viewer and then post-processed to resemble line drawings – they are all executed by hand, and quite wonderfully so.This gives them a depth of life far greater than would otherwise be the case, a fact amply demonstrated in the selection of images here.

Those to the front of the gallery that feature couples – with no small degree of nudity that might make them NSFW – are wonderfully drawn. In them we see genuinely intimate moments that are in no way voyeuristic; rather, they are moving in the way they visualise the tender dance of love and devotion between two people.

Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

Similarly, the 11 images on individual avatars are extraordinary in the manner in which they capture the life within their avatar subjects, containing as they do a what can be the subconscious dance on life. Rich in motion and energy, these are also captivating in their richness and strength, their monochrome form bringing this to the fore perhaps far more than had they been rendered in colour.

This is a genuinely engaging exhibition which might not have too much longer to run, so I do recommend hopping over to Diotima Gallery sooner rather than later in order to catch it.

SLurl Details

SL16B Music Fest: performers and schedule

The SL16B performance stage, venue for the Music Fest

On Monday, June 17th, 2019, Linden Lab announced the line-up of performers and the schedule for the SL16B music festival.

The Music Fest has been a part of the Second Life Birthday celebrations since SL12B in 2015. This year, the event will take place over the two days of Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd, on the performance stage in the SL16B region.

The event schedule is as follows:

Time Friday, June 21st
Saturday, June 22nd
10:00 Parker Static Dreama Summerwind
11:00 R4 Anne (oXoRyanneoXo) Mimi Carpenter
12:00 noon Tempio Breil Grif Bamaisin
13:00 Gabriel da Silva Donn DeVore
14:00 Alazarin Mobius Skye Galaxy
15:00 Evely Lane Effinjay
16:00 Zak Claxton Quartz

Note the SLurl given in this piece will not be available for general use until SL16B opens.

A Summer Edge in Second Life

Summer Edge; Inara Pey, June 2019, on FlickrSummer Edge, June 2019 – click any image for full size

Update: Summer Edge has closed and the region is now under private ownership. SLurl have therefore been removed from this article.

Funky Banana (FunkyBananas) is back with another new Homestead region design, Summer Edge. This is a wonderfully simple design, one that doesn’t need much in the way of description, and is delightfully restful to explore. As Funky himself states, the region offers:

A remote island with no inhabitants, perfect for an escape from everyday life. Beaches, cliffs and fields.

Summer Edge; Inara Pey, June 2019, on FlickrSummer Edge, June 2019

Set with a north-south orientation, the island sits between two beaches, the one to the east including the landing point, the one to the west broader and offering marvellous views out over the ocean that are ideal for romantic sunsets. A single solid structure sits above the island’s low cliffs, brick-built and with its roof broken, it resembles an old lighthouse that at some point was re-purposed, a wooden dome replacing the lantern that might have sit on it.

Cinder paths cross the island’s top, providing easy access to the tower, to the beaches and to the wooden platforms that have been built out from the cliffs. These latter provide places to sit and relax, while others might be found on the sands or along the cliff-tops.

Summer Edge; Inara Pey, June 2019, on FlickrSummer Edge, June 2019

Funky has resisted the possible temptation to scatter sheep or deer on the island – although there are gulls are on the wing. This absence of animals gives the island even more of a natural look and feel. Why would sheep be grazing on an island that’s clearly not inhabited? Similarly, how would animals survive more than a few generations?

Instead, what we’re left with is a small, wild rising of rock, grass and hardy trees that all have a feel about them of north northerly latitudes and a definite untamed feeling. Wandering it, I felt like I was exploring a small island off the coast of Scotland, protected from the mainland by the unpredictable swells of the North Sea.

Summer Edge; Inara Pey, June 2019, on FlickrSummer Edge, June 2019

Funky has a reputation for region designs that captivate (see The sands of Banana Bay in Second Life, A Butterfly Beach in Second Life and A Wild Edge in Second Life), and this is no exception. Summer Edge is a beautifully natural design that is highly photogenic.

Summer Edge; Inara Pey, June 2019, on FlickrSummer Edge, June 2019

Our thanks to Shawn for the pointer!