The sands of Banana Bay in Second Life

Follow Your Bliss, Sea Foam; Inara Pey, July 2017, on Flickr Banana Bay – click any image for full size

Banana Bay is a Homestead region described as “still under construction” (but open to the public) designed by the delightfully named Bananas (FunkyBananas). Caitlyn and I were led to it (once again) by Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla), who really does have the knack for finding places.

This is a  distinctly Mediterranean setting with a hint of the tropical; the kind of place it’s easy to imagine  as the destination for an exotic holiday well out-of-the-way of the maddening crowds and bustle of everyday life. A slightly curled, sandy island with an east-facing bay caught within its curve, Banana Bay appears to take its name from the little plantation of banana trees located almost mid-way along its sweep, overlooked by one of several Tuscan / Mediterranean style buildings scattered along the island.

Follow Your Bliss, Sea Foam; Inara Pey, July 2017, on Flickr Banana Bay

Visits start on the west side of one of these buildings, which is itself located at the northern end of the island. A sandy path runs southwards from here, following the line of rock which rise from the foam of a lazy sea to reach another house sitting below the hilly backbone of the island. It’s upon this partially rocky backbone that the plantation sits, the land on the west side offering an easy walk to the southern end of the island and the ribbon of beach curling eastwards.

Following the sandy walk in the other direction from the landing point will take visitors around the villa to where a large wooden pier points out to sea. A loose-laid wooden board walk then offers a path south, running between the soft sands of a wide beach and the slopes of the island’s one hill, before petering out on the sands to the south. Palm trees offer some shade from the early morning sun, and provide convenient points from which hammocks have been slung for those wanting a little rest and they explore. More places to sit, some ready for cuddling, can be found scattered across the island, including an old kayak drawn up high above the tide line on the beach, and an inflatable raft out on the surf.

Follow Your Bliss, Sea Foam; Inara Pey, July 2017, on Flickr Banana Bay

None of the buildings are currently furnished, although the villa near the landing point offers outdoor seating. There’s also no sound scape for the region as yet – but again, remember that it is under construction, so there well be more to come.

Under construction (at the time of writing) it may well be, but Banana Bay is  already and photogenic and restful setting; the fact that it is still being developed means that it’ll be remaining on our list of places to re-visit sooner rather than later in order to see how things are progressing. In the meantime, if you want to have a break from things and drift away from all the noise about Sansar or whatever, why not take a walk along to beaches of Banana Bay?

Follow Your Bliss, Sea Foam; Inara Pey, July 2017, on Flickr Banana Bay

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