Art with a touch of HippiMagic in Second Life

HippiMagic: Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano

Update: due to illness in Sophie’s family, and as per Fuyuko’s comment below, the opening has been postponed until 14:00 on Wednesday, June 5th.

HippiMagic Art Studio and Gallery opens its doors for its first public exhibition at 12:00 noon SLT on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, featuring the art of TaraAers and Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano (Wintergeist), supported with art by the gallery’s curator, Sophie Dunn (Sophie72 Congrejo) and a pair of fractal pieces by Raytracer (rinomon).

Occupying a 4096 sq m parcel, the gallery is split between in-door and out-door spaces in which the art is displayed, the landing point area neatly linking the two, and acting as an information point.

HippiMagic: Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano

Within the gallery building is the display of Fuyuko’s art, which shares the gallery’s two levels with Sophie’s work (you might need to right-click on some of the images to determine the art through the Edit / Build floater, as the placement of the art is deliberately mixed). The upper level of the gallery also features a study space reserved for staff / invitees.

Fuyuko is well-known for her landscape art captured from within Second Life, and this is encompassed within the selection on offer here – but it is also mixed with some of her physical world photography to further demonstrate the breadth of her work. And in this, I confess to being constantly drawn to her photograph Past is Prologue, which has a beautiful melding of light, reflection, colour, symmetry (with the candle bowls), and the subtle hint of standing on the cusp between old and new years, all of which builds within it a wonderful sense of story.

HippiMagic: TaraAers

Out in the garden (although with a couple of pieces tucked into the gallery building as well), Tara presents a selection of her art with each piece paired with a verse by Olean (Oleanhorok). This makes the selection something of a partner to her selection of images paired with Olean’s words for the May 2019 Visual Poems exhibition at The Edge Gallery (see: The magic of images and words in Second Life).

Each image  – captured from within Second Life – is rendered as a painting, with the  images displayed in the garden split between a version framed as a picture, and an unframed version that has been paired with Olean’s words. Both versions of each piece are offered for sale (as are Fuyuko’s pieces inside the gallery), offering those interested in the art a choice of potential purchases. There is a softest of colour and tone that makes Tara’s work attractive in its own right, and there is something captivating about the blending of her images with Olean’s verses.

HippiMagic: TaraAers

A short wander in the garden in the direction of the 1960’s decorated VW camper van will reveal Raytracer’s fractal pieces neatly tucked into a candlelit corner, while indoors, Sophie’s work mixes will with Fuyuko’s to complete the exhibition.

The opening event for the gallery will feature both the key artists and music by DJ Phee Wonder. It will run through until 14:00 SLT.

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  1. Opening is postponed to Wednesday 12pm, due to health problems in the owners family.


  2. Sorry to bother you but there was a miscommunication. The opening will be from 2pm to 4pm. 😅


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