The magic of images and words in Second Life

The Edge: ViktorSavior and AlenaPit

Currently open at The Edge gallery curated by Ladmilla, is an ensemble exhibition entitled Visual Poems. It features pairings of art and poetry, with some of the artists providing both the words and images, others working in pairs: one producing the images and the other the words.

Pieces are spread between two of the gallery’s exhibition spaces: the castle – notably the upper rooms and the parapet walks around the curtain walls – and in and alongside the cathedral. Those participating in the exhibition are: Mirabelle Sweetwater (images and words); Kapaan (images and words); PatrickofIreland (images and words); Thomascrown11 (images and words) VenicioArmin (images and words) Pearl Grey (images) and Klaus Bereznyak (words); TaraAers (images) and Oleanhorok (words); ViktorSavior (images) and AlenaPit (words); and Ladmilla (images) and Eli Medier (words).

The Edge: TaraAers) and Oleanhorok

This is a fascinating exhibition  – and one that, by virtue of the its scale, may require more than one visit to fully appreciate. The combining of words and images is always an interesting concept (something we have often explored with Seanchai Library with exhibitions at Holly Kai Park), perhaps doubly so when the creator of an image is entrusting their work to the imagination of another to produces the words around it.

Hence, within this exhibition there is an attractiveness to the pairing of artist and poet that can captivate, and without wishing to appear to select favourites, I admit to being particularly drawn to the pieces by Viktor and Alena (two of which form the banner image for this article). There is a minimalist beauty to Viktor’s images that is perfectly balanced by Alena’s 4-line verses. Together they paint a complete story that is deeply evocative.

The Edge: Mirabelle Sweetwater

Alena is a prolific writer, having produced more than 200 poems, and what fascinates me with this particular pairing is the question of which came first: the image or the poem? Or perhaps they have independent origins, with the artists matching words and pictures after the fact.

All my feelings from the heart and soul are reflected in poetry, which makes up most of my life in SL and RL. I write about different things: about romantic relationships, about feelings, about family, about nature, about hope and love. Many people say that my poems are positive and easy. I hope you leave me your opinion about them too. I write poems in Russian, but now I begin to prepare translations into English and arrange visual exhibitions in SL art galleries.

– AlenaPit on her writing

The Edge: Venicio Armin

Alongside the gallery’s cathedral is Venicio Armin’s selection of images for the exhibition, and I must again confess I found these to be completely engrossing. Presented in monochrome the images and words, provide a story of two relationships: the relationship between a man and a woman and the love Argentines have for the Tango. Through six images and short poems bother are beautifully framed and presented in magnificent depth, with Venicio also offering the opportunity to hear the music of the Argentine Tango.

Also on offer at the gallery is an exhibition of art by  anibrm Jung and 3D art by Sempiternel and Mariemadeleine38. These add further depth to an engaging visit – but again, you should allow time to give the exhibitions the attention the deserve.

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  1. Endless thanks Inara from me and all the artists for the honor of your visit and for this so perfect review that really interprets the spirit of our artworks. 🙂


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