Love at Artful Expressions in Second Life

Artful Expressions: Kazrakk

Love is the title of the latest exhibition of photography to go on display at Sorcha Sanvean’s (Sorcha Tyles’) boutique-style Artful Expressions Gallery. Featuring the work of Australian photographer Kazrakk,  the exhibition present six engaging pieces that offer insight into the many facets of the love between two people.

Featuring Kazrakk and his SL partner, Ninna, as the subjects in all six images, Love also might be seen as offering a window into their own relationship. There is something very personal about each of the photographs within this selection that embraces tenderness and lover – but which does not, by any measure leave the viewer feeling discomfited by thoughts of being a voyeur; even the images featuring near full-body nudity have a tenderness and grace within them that imbues of a feeling of sharing, rather than that of intrusion.

Artful Expressions: Kazrakk

Presented in both colour and monochrome, there are pieces that perfectly showcase Kazrakk’s ability to frame a moment in time, each picture captivating in both style and in narrative. There is a richness with each piece, whether it is focused solely on the avatars themselves, as three of the pieces are; or whether it offers a broader canvas, where the background plays a role in setting the tone of the narrative (the two here using Norderney and Chochou’s Memento Mori to marvellous effect); or whether it is an expression of pure artistic styling that offers a unique perspective on love and attraction, as seen in the first piece in the series, simply referred to as nr. 1.

Love is a small exhibition, true, but it is also one that leaves you wanting to see more of Kazrakk’s work, and this can be done by visiting his Flickr photostream. Now set within its new mainland home, Artful Expressions once again offers an alluring and engaging exhibit.

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