More houseboat decorating in Second Life

Trying on the Barnacle houseboat for size…

It’s now just over a month since I snagged my Linden Home houseboat shortly after the new Linden Homes continent was officially launched (see: Lab launches new Linden Homes). I initially settled on the Windlass houseboat design to turn into a second home (see Making a (Linden) houseboat a home), but this week, because I like fiddling with things, I decided to try out some of the other designs, starting with the Barnacle.

This is the only design in the initial batch of houseboats that has an actually room upstairs, giving it an interesting differentiator to the other three designs, and gives it a little extra floor space. This makes it an excellent choice for developing a cosy home design, hence my interest in it.

An element from Blush Bravin’s Party Pack for the Barnacle makes a great wall divider when creating a cosy lounge area, thw warmth increased by the Lab’s sunflower interior wall colour.

Another aspect in my decision to play the the Barnacle was Blush Bravin’s Party Boat add-on. This is one of a number of kits Blush has produced specifically for the new Linden Homes, all of which are available via her SL Marketplace store, and on the strength of the Barnacle kit, I’d say they are well worth the minimal investment of L$250.

For the Barnacle, the kit includes a range of items: internal room dividers, décor highlights, and external elements, such as a trellis for the upper deck and a porch for the front door, and a small room (bathroom?) that tucks into one side of the main floor. Everything is supplied in a rezzing system (which admittedly can require careful placement to avoid fiddling with bits post-deploy).

A snug living room

A HUD is also supplied for applying textures, although this didn’t want to work for me, so I relied on manual texturing. This wasn’t a problem as for my purposes, I only really required the room dividers and the brick wall panel from the main deck interior. One of these, with ceiling-height wooden slats, I combined with a humble prim to make a room divider to split the lower deck in two, giving me a lounge area and kitchen / dining space. The brick panel and smaller divider, became a breakfast bar for the kitchen.

I don’t usually go in for kitchens in SL houses (we don’t actually eat in SL after all), but there are some nice low LI mesh kitchen sets available, and I wanted to give the houseboat a homely feel so I picked up a nice kitchen and additional elements from [DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality: the Cozy County Kitchen wine rack, Christine fireplace, Heph’s Kitchen Counter, and Captain’s Lanterns, which together with my existing items from Cory Edo’s Trompe Loeil and a few other pieces from assorted sources allowed me to create the kind of look I wanted.

I don’t usually go in for kitchens and bit, but these houseboats call for them at times

Given there are four variations available with each house type which can be swapped with a simple set of clicks, swapping between them has already proven popular. Providing the fixtures and fittings used are both Copy and Modify, a rezzing tool such as Builder’s Buddy or those available on the Marketplace, makes the storing and placement of interiors for each style of house an additional breeze when swapping back and forth.

Just set your décor and layout items (piers, garden furnishings, etc.), use the rezzing system to record and store the pieces, make sure you also record the position of the rezzer (I use the Description field in the Edit floater), and – providing you don’t move to another parcel – you can swap between house styles and interiors in less than 5 minutes.

There’s even room for one of my beloved pianos – my Culprit Sonata Baby Grand. The small step between the two living spaces is to help break things up a little

The above is probably a case of preaching to the converted for some, but is does make swapping between house designs and layouts and lot more fun – and obviously, there’s no reason why you can’t have multiple layouts for any given house / houseboat type.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I might go and have a play with the Wallower houseboat 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “More houseboat decorating in Second Life

  1. Hi Inara, Is it still the luck of the draw on what home/houseboat style you are issued? Or have they changed it so that you can pick your floor plan. If it was luck of the draw how many cycles did you have to go through to get the specific floor plan you wantrd. I image after this Post there will be a lot of folks that will want this plan as well.


    1. As per my article on the launch of the new Linden Homes, these houses and houseboats come in “types” of home. For the launch, these types were either “traditional” land homes or the houseboats.

      When obtaining a home, you can chose between having either a land house or a house boat. You can then use the mailbox (houses) or lifebuoy (houseboats) that is placed next to your assigned parcel to select any one of the four available styles available with each – and you can change the style of the house at any time by touching the mailbox / lifebuoy and making another selection.


  2. I also got a houseboat on the first wave of them put up and I was so excited, I just can’t tell you! I actually decorated this though my previous homes just had a few things set out. I think LL underestimated how much we needed a change. The old LL homes have been around too long without changes and, frankly, were not much to look at or bother with. The stairs were flat! lol But, they have outdone themselves with both the houseboats and the houses. My friend has a home, I have a houseboat and we’re both very happy with what we have. I have actually gone out to buy little touches like a palm ceiling fan!


  3. You’re lucky to have grabbed one my friend. I’m very disappointed that I haven’t been able to get one of the new homes so far and I know I’m not alone. Glad you got one home I get one soon to make it my home sweet home….sigh


      1. Wish I had a heads up Inara… it’s hard for me because I work long hoppers and can’t have the main page “Get a home ” waiting ….. sadly 😦 hugs and I love you blog!! Keep them coming I love to explore new & old sims!


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